31 Fabulous Homes by Neighborhood

A collection of homes we've featured in a few of our favorite spots throughout the Denver metro area

From the mountains to the plains, Colorado has no shortage of stunning homes. Colorado Homes & Lifestyles has featured a plethora of beautiful abodes in our pages throughout the years.

Here, we’ve rounded up homes by neighborhood—beautiful dwellings in some of our favorite areas throughout the Denver metro area.

Peruse the collection below.

Bow Mar



Photo by Kimberly Gavin

A Hamptons-style home evolves with the needs of its homeowners and their all-gal crew. See more at Bow Mar Beach: A Lakefront House in Littleton.



Photo by Kimberly Gavin

Happy childhood memories inform a lake-view family home in the Denver suburb of Bow Mar. See more at A Grown-Up Dream House

Capitol Hill


Screen Shot 2020 11 04 At 31328 Pm

Photo by Jess Blackwell

A San Francisco couple relocates to Denver and finds tranquility in a bright loft. See more at A Bright and Modern Loft in Capitol Hill.

Cherry Creek


Screen Shot 2021 01 13 At 30231 Pm

Photo by Kimberly Gavin

Fun-loving snowbirds ditch the old homestead for a cool turnkey living space. See more at Modern City Living in a Cherry Creek Penthouse.

Cherry Hills



Photography by Emily Minton Redfield | Styling by Tawney Waldo

A bit of the seaside, a touch of bling and lots of lounging space come together in an at-home resort. See more at A Hamptons-Inspired Cherry Hills Home.



Photography by Emily Minton Redfield

A designer dad creates a Denver estate with a fresh twist. See more at A Cherry Hills Home With Hollywood Glam.


Chl Anuschka 09 22 18 Kitchen 138mb

Photo by David Patterson | Styling by Anuschka Pashel & Carolyn Morris

Denver’s ultrachic floral queen and boutique owner renovates a Cherry Hills home, filling it with modern bohemian style. See more at Old World, New World, All Anuschka.


Hoty 2016 Back A

Photo by Ron Ruscio

Two doctors, one “starter” house, an amazing team, and a lot of love come together in this Cherry Hills Village home. See more at 2016 Home of the Year: A Multi-Level Modern Masterpiece.

Central Park


Beboulderphotography Lindsey 3 2

Photo by Eleanor Williamson

Amidst the upheaval, a Central Park homeowner pulls off a major kitchen makeover. See more at Leveling Up During Lockdown.

Congress Park



Photo by Gibeon Photography

A transplanted NY couple and their boys find a charming 1800s home in Congress Park in which to make their own history. See more at A Denver Square Home With Queen Anne Details​. 



Emr 4664

Photo by by Emily Minton Redfield

To transform the home for a family with a modernist bent, a Denver design duo first heeded the needs of the home itself. See more at A Traditional Home With a Modern Twist.



Photo by Emily Minton Redfield

A house with a french twist experiences a full-on makeover in the spirit of joie de vivre. See more at An Elegant French-Inspired Home.


Exterior This Spacious Modern Farmhouse Is A Forever Home

Photo by Kimberly Gavin

A two-story house on a corner lot in Denver’s Crestmoor neighborhood. See more at A Spacious, Modern Farmhouse in Denver.

Denver Country Club


Emr Coverb

Photo by Emily Minton Redfield

A couple takes on a complicated renovation and the result is breathtaking. See more at This Sophisticated Country Club Home Brings 90210 to Denver


Morganlevy 1915

Photo by Morgan Levy

Online-design entrepreneur Jessie Dixon reveals her personal style in a Denver home that harnesses the subtle power of neutrals. See more at In-Town Haven.


Emr 9617 Scaled

Photo by Emily Minton Redfield

How one family erected an ode to yesterday for today. See more at A New Denver Country Club Colonial.

Five Points


Screen Shot 2021 01 06 At 35707 Pm 2048x1396

Photography by Emily Minton Redfield 

A powerhouse couple renovates a historic home in their beloved Denver community. See more at A Beacon in Five Points.



3015 Lowell Blvd Large 002 024 Exterior Front 1499x1000 72dpi 1024x684

Photos courtesy of LIV Sotheby’s International Realty / AT Media

A historic home with a star-studded past is in Denver’s West Highland neighborhood. See more at The Fray Frontman Isaac Slade’s Restored Victorian Mansion



Screen Shot 2020 09 23 At 21639 Pm 1024x789

Photography by David Lauer | Styling by Kerri Cole

A Denver family brings a Northern California vibe into their Hilltop abode. See more at This Hilltop Home Goes Napa.


Emr 0911 1024x1015

Photo by Emily Minton Redfield

This 5,000-square-foot home proves that a master work of art doesn’t have to be massive—just unique and inviting at every turn. See more at 2021 Home of the Year: Great Expectations.


Back Patio An English Country Manor In Denver

Photo by Emily Minton Redfield

Nestled in the heart of the Mile High City, this 5,100-square-foot abode is a contemporary spin on a traditional London home. See more at An English Country Manor in Denver.



Kids Deck

Photo by Emily Minton Redfield

Denver-based designer David Hintgen turned a small Lowry backyard into a posh outdoor-living sanctuary for his family. See more at A Denver Home With a Transformed Backyard.




Photo by Dan DeGrush

Lifescape Colorado restores the gardens of Denver’s historic Richthofen Castle. See more at Enchanted Planting

Observatory Park


Entrepreneur Laura Lovee28099s Denver Home In This Observatory Park Abode2c Napa Valley Style Farmhouse And Southern Hospitality Live Happily Ever After

Photo by David Lauer

In this Observatory Park abode, Napa Valley-style farmhouse and Southern hospitality live happily ever after. See more at Entrepreneur Laura Love’s Denver Home.


Observatory Park Living Rm

Photo by Ron Ruscio

A 5,000-square-foot 1940s Georgian Revival on a large lot is renovated to address a young family’s needs. See more at A 1940s Home Update in Observatory Park.

Park Hill


Fionaarnold27428 Edit

Photo by David Patterson | Styling by Julia Völkel Emerson

A little snap, crackle, pop infuses a traditional Park Hill home with a modern touch. See more at A Bit More Bling.



Photo by Kimberly Gavin | Styling by Eliza Karlson

An interior designer’s 1915 Denver Square gets a second life full of color and whimsy. See more at A Neglected Century-Old Home is Reborn



Screen Shot 2020 06 09 At 25310 Pm

Photo by Timothy Gormley

From clutter and confusion to sophisticated and stylish. See more at An Uptown Denver Loft, Elegantly Transformed.

Wash Park


Chl Bauer 07 10 19 Living Room 179mb Correction 1

Photography by David Patterson | Styling by Natalie Warady

The homeowner added function to the Queen Anne without losing its charm and character. See more at A Wash Park Victorian Restored to Its Original Glory.


Emr 3748 83227 Am

Photography by Emily Minton Redfield | Styling by Erika Engstrom

Frank Lloyd Wright fans might do a double take when they see this Wash Park home. See more at A New Build Mixes Prairie Style With Contemporary Design.


Chls Robinson 5 20 14 Living 60mb

Photo by David Patterson

A stylish home in Denver’s Washington Park neighborhood combines luxury with livability for a large and active young family. See more at 2014 Home of the Year: Lived-In Chic.

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