Sustainably Organic Pampering Products to Gift This Holiday Season

Pueblo based Formulary55 produces handcrafted vegan and cruelty-free products

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Who knew that one of the hottest organic and sustainable home and body care companies was based in the steel-producing city of Pueblo, Colorado? Owner Cordelia Smith actually founded her company Formulary 55 in Seattle, but moved her headquarters to Pueblo in 2014 for a lifestyle change and slower pace of life. She bought a 110-year-old building on West 4th Street to produce her handcrafted line of vegan and cruelty-free products, ranging from soaps, hand creams, body polishes, candles and room sprays to natural cleaning solutions.

The best-seller of the bunch is the Sea Salt & Lavender Scented Soap, with 1,000 bars produced in Pueblo each day. “What makes us different is both the packaging and product inside are equally gorgeous. People are drawn to them,” says Smith, who describes her graphics as vintage botanical and sea-like images reimagined in a modern way. Formulary 55 is sold in 800 retail shops in 17 countries, including boutiques in Ft. Collins, Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo,

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