Small-Town Shopping

Visit Old Town Lafayette's charming Main Street

For a sweet stroll on a beautiful summer day, head to Old Town Lafayette’s charming main street (South Public Road). It’s got an eclectic assortment of coffee shops, pubs, boutiques, antique shops and eateries.

I particularly liked Thalken (cute but affordable jewelry, candles and mugs), Little Herbal Apothecary, Tip Top Savory Pies (New Zealand fare), Just Dandy (home furnishings), Efrain’s (authentic Mexican cuisine) and Chocolaterie Stam.

For shoppers who love vintage goods, old books and aisles that occasionally serve up buried treasures, Lafayette Collectibles and Flea Market is a worthy stop. There’s a food truck out front that serves hearty Mexican (including fabulous breakfast burritos) all day.

All told, this small town offers a nostalgic feel with friendly folks and just the right amount of kitsch. 

Categories: High Points