Simone D. Ross’ Favorite Things

The mom of two and founder of both a consulting firm and a workforce-equity company shares her must-haves

Portrait by Lotus & Lily Photography

Aurora resident, mom of two, auctioneer, philanthropist, and founder of both a consulting firm and a workforce-equity company shares her favorite things.

1. MUSEUM  Preserving African-American stories and history is important to me, and the Black American West Museum in Denver is my favorite. Stories of my family and many other African-American families who have pioneered Colorado are preserved there.

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2. COLORADO ARTIST  We’re currently experiencing an awakening in regards to acknowledging the prevalence of racism in this nation. I find inspiration and healing in the work of both Thomas “Detour” Evans and Jordan Casteel (daughter of Lauren Casteel, CEO of The Women’s Foundation of Colorado). Detour Art Studio,;

3. SKIN CARE  Denver local Tasha Madison, owner of On the Go Wellness Spa in Aurora, has created an amazing line that my face loves. I use her cleanser, toner, moisturizer and SPF.

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4. T-SHIRT  Lawrence &ND Larimer’s Beat All Odds T-shirt is the best. Staying in constant connection to my purpose is key, and that message is one of my mantras. Price: by donation; Lawrence &ND Larimer Clothing + Supply Co., Denver,

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5. CLOTHING  Spanx faux-leather leggings are pure magic. These unicorn leggings can be dressed up or dressed down and will forever hold space in my closet. I enjoy creating edgy looks that are authentic, so I pair mass luxury designs with affordable designs to best articulate who I am. Truly, that’s what fashion is—a beautiful expression of self. $98;

6. RESTAURANT  My motto is “why be orange juice, when you can be a mimosa?” Five Points’ newest restaurant, Mimosas, is in my top three favorite places. Chef D has created a palate-pleasing menu that’s addicting. My faves are the Shrimp & Grits and Savage Chicken.

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7. FURNITURE STORE  Z Gallerie is a wonderland. I’m attracted to modern furniture with lots of texture, and I can usually find the perfect piece at Z Gallerie. Currently, I’m all about tufting; rich and vibrant colors; and playing with metals, texture and hybrid genres. Cherry Creek Mall, Denver,

8. ACCESSORY  I’m pretty fickle when it comes to my devotion to accessories, and I’m a glutton for handbags. Right now, I’m having a lot of fun with my Gucci Flora belt bag—but knowing me, I’ll fall for another fun bag soon. Ophidia GG Flora belt bag, $1,150; Gucci, Aspen,

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9. RETAIL STORE  Fice in Five Points has the dopest sneakers. I’m a sneakerhead—I have over 40 pairs of sneakers (and that’s after purging a few pairs), from retro Jordans to Yeezys. I also love my Air Max 95s.

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