Savory Spice Shop

I’m a spice girl, so a field trip to the Savory Spice Shop in Denver always adds up to pleasure. With more than 160 aromatic spice blends and 300 fresh spices and herbs, the store has long been my staple for birthday and hostess gifts. My spice drawer is stocked with Savory Spice jars, including my five go-tos: togarashi, dill dip, crushed Aleppo pepper, truffle sea salt and Paris cheese sprinkle.

Stop in at one of Savory Spice’s seven Colorado shops (Aurora, Boulder, Colorado Springs, two locations in Denver, Fort Collins and Littleton), and chat with the friendly, helpful staff. Then walk away with a bag full of spices and recipe cards to reinvigorate your winter cooking lull.

Got the boring-soup blues? Try this tasty take on the cold-weather staple, courtesy of Savory Spice Shop: Curried Sweet Potato Soup

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