Sacred Thistle: A Floral Gift Shop in Denver

After working as a visual manager at Neiman Marcus for 25 years, Sydney Peterson decided to take a departure from the chichi. With her new floral gift shop, Sacred Thistle, Peterson and her daughter Cornelia have perfected the concept of wabi-sabi (yes, that is an actual term). Based on the idea of Japanese wisdom and imperfection, wabi-sabi permeates the gals’ new shop in Denver’s funky Golden Triangle neighborhood. In each one-of-a-kind object the two bring into the store, there is a mindfulness of origin and design. The storefront is a mismatched array of decorative yet organic items, such as candles, planters and jewelry. Meanwhile, the back of the space operates as a floral design workshop specializing in local, sustainable flora foraged from the Colorado landscape—a shop for those who embrace the inexact.

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