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For most homeowners, the thrill of new construction is a clean, neutral ­interior with its never-been-lived-in appeal. But for Taryn Walsh, a first-grade teacher who recently purchased a cottage-style home in Bradburn Village, a live-work-play urban development north of Denver, the neutral palette served as a blank canvas begging for an artist’s touch. Not one to waste time, Walsh quickly enlisted the talents of interior designers Kristi Dinner, owner of company kd in Denver, and her senior designer Beth Armijo. With a little ingenuity the three created a vivacious masterpiece.

Dubbing the design “girlie glam,” Dinner and Armijo began with a bold infusion of color that was a perfect match for Walsh’s personality. Strong shades of apple green, rich red and turquoise blue blanket the walls, while soft, sensual fabrics drape the furnishings. For Walsh, this home was designed to embody all of the things she loves—color, texture, comfort and usability. At her former residence, in which Dinner and Armijo also lent a hand, Walsh felt her vision was limited by the pieces she already owned. “Kristi and Beth did a wonderful job working with what I had and making it feel like home.”

With such intuitive design savvy, Walsh was confident the duo could work magic in her new home, and give it a voice that was decidedly her own. “This space is very much a reflection of Taryn,” Dinner explains. “It is about her, who she is and where she is in her life right now; it is also about exerting her independence in a fun, feminine, lighthearted way.”

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Starting fresh—from the intense, varied color palette to the new, hand-picked furnishings—Dinner and Armijo transformed the drab, neutral rooms into individual vignettes bursting with color. “The decor is stimulating,” Armijo says. “Colors, fabrics, textures and art envelop all of your senses, giving it energy and playfulness.”
Although each room has its own personality, the designers were careful to ensure flow by adopting the same tonal quality of each hue in the diverse color scheme. “Color is very powerful,” Dinner says. “It evokes different moods and energies, but it can also be tricky getting the right shades to pull off the look you are going for.” To unify the space, the designers incorporated the same shade of apple green throughout the home, and defined each room with crisp white trim.

Furnishings and accessories complement Walsh’s high-color style. Making several trips to the Denver Design District, she chose significant pieces in a myriad of textures and designs that are similar to French country, but possess a farmhouse punch. Woven, tactile fabrics, such as velvet and chenille, are staples, while delicate materials, like silks and satins, are used sparingly. “I enjoy fabrics with a little pop to them,” Dinner ­explains. “I tend to gravitate toward furnishings and textiles with a timeless, custom couture appeal. Attention to detail and quality is important.”

Emphasizing her desire for “welcoming, warm, but lived-in and accessible design,” Walsh chose furnishings that would stand the test of time. “I didn’t want things in my home that people were afraid to touch,” she says. “I entertain, and I have a large dog, so I didn’t want to worry about damage or feel the need to put things away before my guests arrived.”

In the living room Dinner introduced a handmade television cabinet. Originally built as a buffet, the cabinet is a sculptural conversation piece that does not compete with other textures and finishes. “In good design you have to know when to pull back a little,” Dinner explains.

While some elements act as a subtle contrast to the explosive energy of the decor, others give the space a delicate, ethereal quality. Fortuny fabric graces the dining room chairs and bench, lending a sumptuous quality to the room, while gauzy sheers filter the light in a dreamy red haze. Upstairs, Roman shades act as a filter, while shimmering silk drapes add texture in the hallway.

In her personal sanctuary, the master bedroom, Walsh chose a soothing palette of lilac and green, as well as feminine accouterments including a woven-silk upholstered headboard. For her guestroom, comfortable, plush linens complement a soothing decor. Painting the room cool aqua blue and adding a punch of whimsy with a colorful painting of an oversized pomegranate, she created a haven that Dinner says makes friends and family “feel special, like it is a treat to be a guest in her home.”

Adding the final touch, framed black-and-white photographs of loved ones grace walls, tables and shelves throughout. Of all the artwork in her home, Walsh admits the grouping of photos in her stairwell is her favorite. “When it came time to look at the home after the design was complete, I realized that this vignette looked even better than I envisioned it,” she says. “It is important to have these personal touches because they not only make the home livable, but they let people know a little more about who you are.”
Note: company kd was formerly kd design consultants.

Note: company kd was formerly kd design consultants.

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