Marc Durivage’s Favorite Things

The designer and creative shares his 10 must-haves

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This designer, fashionista, artist, father of two, husband, and overall creative being, shares his 10 favorite things.

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1. RETAIL STORE I buy everything from Hindu statues to French antiques at DecorAsian on South Broadway. There’s always something new. The second floor is all antiques, with everything from dishes to chests of drawers, and French vintage tea towels. DecorAsian, 1787 S. Broadway, Denver,

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2. TATTOO PARLOR I’ve been in so many parlors and usually see a lot of attitude, but the artists at World Tattoo Studio are great and make it a pleasure to be there. They are welcoming, accepting, and very respectful. If you’re going to spend a lot of money, you want to have fun. World Tattoo, 246 W. 6th Avenue, Denver,

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3. SCARVES I love wearing silk scarves for the textures, the prints, the softness. There’s something a little bit punk about a man wearing a scarf. I go to Neiman’s for Versace, Dior, or Longchamp. Neiman Marcus, Cherry Creek Mall, Denver,

4. THRIFT STORE Shopping is my favorite activity, and I literally hit every ARC and Goodwill store in a 30-mile radius of my home in Denver. I go to two or three every single day, and I’m always finding great things—Hermes, Gucci, Louis Vuitton—often, the store employees don’t know they’re real.

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5. LUGGAGE I am crazy for Zero Halliburton hard-shell aluminum suitcases. I take them on trips and, if I can’t sleep, I’ll scribble and vandalize them. They are durable and bulletproof. Pursuit Aluminum Medium Travel Case, $1,095,

6. COLORADO CULTURAL ATTRACTION I love the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. There’s just something about people screaming in Italian. Now I can finally go, pandemic-free! Ellie Caulkins Opera House at Denver Performing Arts Complex, 1385 Curtis Street, Denver,

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7. SUNGLASSES Last year, Quay did a collection in collaboration with Lizzo, which I really love, because they’re oversized. It’s a statement, but it’s also tongue-in-cheek. Quay Nightfall, $65,

8. SHEETS/BEDDING I love D. Porthault sheets. The first time I slept on them, I was in New York City at the Morgans Hotel, and I couldn’t get over the crispness and the luxurious feeling of these sheets. Now, I’ve been sleeping on them for 15 years. Queen sheet set, $2,050,

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9. FURNITURE STORE My favorite furniture showroom is Kneedler Fauchère in the Denver Design District. The furniture, fabrics, and lighting are all fabulous. I especially love Holly Hunt, and both the Pierre Frey and Glant fabric lines.

10. BASEBALL HAT I pretty much wear a baseball hat every day, and my W Aspen hat in woven carbon is my current favorite. It’s no-nonsense, very clean and fresh. W Aspen, 550 South Spring Street, Aspen,

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