How to Choose Art for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Kitchen and bathroom environments may not be friendly to all types of art. Heat from ovens and stoves, the splashing of grease and food, moisture and humidity from showers, direct contact with water… even well-ventilated bathrooms have more moisture than you may realize. Oftentimes, much of the decorative items in a kitchen and bath come from the finishes themselves, but there are times when the placement of art can add additional personality to your space. 

What to consider when choosing art for your kitchen and bathroom:

  • It may seem obvious, but location is key. Hang your art in an area at the least risk for direct spashes of water, grease etc.
  • Don't hang anything pricey or precious in these risky environments.
  • For framed pieces, pay attention to the materials. A wood frame with a finish may not withstand moisture. Instead, use metal or plastic.
  • Use art than can easily be cleaned.
  • Art under glass can become damaged due to condensation. Talk to your local framer about how to best protect a particular piece.
  • Go canvas instead of paper. Consider that the wood stretchers on a canvas piece could warp if in continued moisture.

These funky pieces are made out of resin, which fares well in a bathroom environment.

The best types of art for these spaces:

  • Collections of plates
  • Collections of decorative trivets
  • Ceramic artwork
  • Vinyl banners
  • Giclee prints on canvas, metal, etc. These are great for reproducing personal photos so the originals aren't damaged.
  • Oil paintings


Content for this article provided by The National Kitchen & Bath Association.

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