Handmade Jewelry Speaks Volumes

Custom pieces to keep or gift with a heartfelt message to treasure
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Photos by Melinda Dennis

The world of art presented itself to Melinda Dennis when she was 13 years old and received a camera for Christmas. “Suddenly, I saw things through a different lens and discovered a new love that changed my way of thinking,” she explains. Dennis grew to specialize in hand tinted photography—a technique that has become a lesser-used art. She also embraced painting as an art form of self-expression.


However, it was when Dennis lost both her parents that she discovered and found inspiration in little things that had belonged to her mother. A sweater pin from the 1940’s became a necklace. Sentimental items from her mother’s collection became assembled jewelry that she wore to remember her mom and dad. For quite a while, says Dennis, she made jewelry just for herself.


A few years later, Dennis learned to cast and began to specialize as a metalsmith. This offered a new kind of artistic interpretation. She often added lyrics from the songs “her daddy used to sing to her as a child,” keeping his memory close to her heart. One piece turned into a collection and before she knew it, she was making custom pieces for clients and showing her work in galleries and exhibitions. In this way, TresMelindas was born.

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Dennis emphasizes that, “each piece is unique marriage of objects and words” designed to evoke memories and comfort. She practices storytelling with her creations, making each item much more than just a piece of jewelry. Dennis derives joy in creating pieces that have special meaning to her customers. “People listen to my stories, and they tell me theirs,” she says. “It is one of my favorite parts of working with my clients.”

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Photo by Brittny Jones

Dennis lives and works in Cascade, CO, and plans for a new studio there are underway. Her jewelry is available at The Ranch at Taos in Taos, NM, Buffalo Ranch in Weston, MO, and Wylde ‘N Pretty in Sheridan, WY. Dennis has developed a large customer base in Kansas City and travels several times a year to exhibitions where she has time to meet and get to know new clients. For those who would like a custom piece, Dennis recommends they contact her by phone. “It’s just so nice to take the time to chat with people,” she says. She enjoys working with clients in a traditional way to craft the perfect one-of-a-kind piece just for them.

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