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On creating the November/December 2022 issue

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A friend living in Denver’s Park Hill neighborhood told me she and her family have made it a practice to eat at a neighborhood restaurant once a week plus one night of takeout. They want to help support struggling local restaurants. She reminded me, “You know, we can all afford to be more generous.” And the truth of her words stuck, including the non-material ways we can help—giving compliments, smiles and our time.

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On Nov. 18, Denver Botanic Gardens opens its gates for the annual Blossoms of Light show.

Shana Gilbert did just that when she started The Sweetest Bean with Denver childhood friend Laura Lind. A filmmaker, Gilbert originally went to Uganda to make a documentary. But when she discovered the vanilla farming industry, she saw how it could provide education and jobs for the community. Now, her product, made from organically farmed beans, is some of the best tasting and socially conscious vanilla on the market—so time to stock up for holiday baking.

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I love this time of year with cookies, family and friends, candles, and did I mention the lights? Cherry Creek North’s third consecutive Holiday Market features festively lit shopping.

In our November/December issue, we like to show homes in snow— we live in Colorado after all. This year it was a coincidence that all our snowy homes are in Telluride. Join us in checking out these stylish high-country retreats.

And for holiday gift shopping, why not think local? We’ve compiled a wide-ranging guide of Colorado products to inspire you. Looking for gifts that give year-round? Colorado Gives Day, our state’s largest 24-hour giving event, has raised more than $262 million since beginning in 2010. Key dates are November 1 when early giving begins and December 6—Colorado Gives Day,

Wishing you a very merry holiday season.

Darla Worden
Editor in Chief

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