A Fond, and Fabulous Farewell

The final letter from our Editor, Kate Meyers

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In our November/December issue, we unveil our annual Fabulous List. It is a testament to the high level of great work being done all over Colorado, and it’s our way of celebrating the designers, architects, and builders whose projects have graced our pages over the last two years.

To all you fabulous people, it has been an honor to present your work.

It also has been an honor to run this magazine. I have had a magnificent seven-year run and learned a zillion things about design. I’ve met, worked with, and been inspired by more Coloradans than I could have imagined. Even better, many have become friends.

I thank all of you for your encouragement and support of CH&L, and I especially toast (with excellent bubbly) my colleagues, Eleanor Williamson, Kasey Harvey, Eliza Karlson, Rebecca Gart, Siobain French, Eleanor Wynant, Natalie Condon, Kellee Katagi, Dawn Paul, Penney Smith, and Vong Phamany, as well as our amazing freelance writers, photographers, and stylists.

Thanks to former publisher Holly Scott for giving me this opportunity and to current publisher Elizabeth Hamilton for helping usher me into a graceful so-long.

It is with a happy heart that I pass the torch of running this wonderful magazine to my talented friend, author, and Mountain Living Editor, Darla Worden.

Please follow me as I pursue my passion for art @katefindsart. I wish you all peace, love, and a beautiful, healthy environment in which to live.




I am a blanket person. I have them everywhere in my house and love to wrap them around me when I work or read or listen to my current Spotify playlist. Luscious colorways, herringbone weave, and comfy 100 percent lambswool make these Twig Throws perfect for you or anyone who needs some extra comfort. $195, wildflowernationsupply.com


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I am a horrible cook but a badass cleaner. And the Lupe Pure Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is next-level grand: Battery-charged, so no cords to trip on; sleek and so light that the schlep factor is off the table. It’s designed by an ex-Dyson guy, so it’s got serious pickup power and, yes, every piece is recyclable. Plus, you can breathe easy, because it removes “99.99 percent of all microscopic dust particles.” (That’s a lot of particles.) This vacuum is my Tesla. $799, Lupetechnology.com


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My mom, the person most responsible for my visual knowledge, was also a reader. She introduced me to writer Terry Tempest Williams in 1995, when she sent me her book “Refuge.”

Another wonderful woman and dear friend, Mindy Pantiel, recently turned me on to Tempest Williams’ “When Women Were Birds.” It was published in 2012, but the time feels right to share it. Think of it as a heart-filled, high-art farewell gift to all of you. $17, indiebound.org

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