Fresh Sends in Denver and Beyond

This Denver-based floral company is a bright spot in an otherwise uncertain time

Photos courtesy of Fresh Sends

On a mission to encourage and inspire, daily, a Denver-based floral company is a bright spot in an otherwise uncertain time.

Fresh Sends, founded by Ty Hiss (Cofounder + CEO) and Jesse Hiss (Cofounder + President), offers curated bouquets of fresh, seasonal blooms designed to look like they were just picked up at your local flower market.

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Fresh Sends delivers tangible encouragement through fresh, simple arrangements and heartfelt, clever cards (read: “Let Make Out” or “Howdy”) that help people feel seen, known, and loved.

No city is too big or too small, Fresh Sends delivers flowers around the continental U.S. During this time of isolation and staying at home, receiving an arrangement of beautiful flowers is a sure way to make someone’s day while supporting a local company.


We spoke with Ty Hiss about Fresh Sends, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the business.


What inspired you to start Fresh Sends?
When I started my first floral business that catered just to weddings and events, I had quite a few friends ask if I would do deliveries for birthdays/anniversaries etc. Initially, I wasn’t interested in doing floral delivery but after doing some research, I realized how dated and stale the process of sending flowers was. I thought that if the customer could choose a fun, heartfelt card that was specific to a situation that would be paired with their flowers, it would freshen up the whole process. That was the start of Fresh Sends!

Has your business changed since the outbreak of COVID-19?
It hasn’t changed on a fundamental level but we’re only having essential personnel come in to fulfill orders and using appropriate social distancing measures in our warehouse. What has been incredible to see is even more people intentionally going out of their way to celebrate and connect with people and loved ones they can’t meet with in person.

“It’s incredible to see the encouraging and uplifting messages that people send with the flowers in these uncertain times.” — Ty Hiss, Fresh Sends Cofounder

Why are flowers important to you, especially in times like these?
In times like these, it’s not necessarily about the flowers themselves, but the fact that people feel cared for and thought of. The mission behind our company is to encourage and inspire, daily. Our hope is that Fresh Sends can be the vehicle to help people feel seen, known, and loved in whatever they’re going through, which is especially important in these unprecedented days.

What’s your favorite part about your job?
Waking up and knowing that our product brings joy to individuals and strengthens relationships brings so much purpose and pride to our team.


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