Cider House Rustic

A 30,000-square-foot cider house and restaurant in Lafayette serving Stem Ciders and rustic European grub

Denver’s urban Stem Ciders has gone a little bit country with its newish 30,000-square-foot cider house and restaurant on a 12-acre hilltop in Lafayette. Named Acreage, the new facility features Spanish-and Basque-influenced dishes, paired with a choice of 24 Stem ciders with which to wash them down.

The food is rustic European—conserved tins of seafood, Spanish olives, soft pretzels, sausages, wood-fired roasted mussels and whole grilled fish—while the expansive rooms invite community. Future plans for an apple orchard and vegetable garden on-site will allow the cider house to “grow” for years to come. 

Categories: High Points