Blackbelly Butcher Shop

Consider this a windfall for the carnivore

Chef Hosea Rosenberg has expanded his successful Boulder eatery Blackbelly with the Blackbelly Butcher Shop. Rosenberg’s meat fest is right next door to his Arapahoe Avenue restaurant, breakfast counter, lunch spot and catering company. Beyond sourcing some of the best dry-aged beef, pork and lamb in Colorado, Rosenberg offers charcuterie, house-made sausages, bone broth, marinades, homemade soups and baked treats. Head butcher Nate Singer didn’t just help me choose a cut for my pork carnitas; he expertly trimmed the meat and then gave me step-by-step instructions for cooking that would ensure ultimate flavor and texture. (In case you’re wondering, let’s just say that Nate is a carnitas king.) On your way out, be sure to pick up a corn cookie, an adult version of Cap’n Crunch cereal with just the right mix of sweet and salty.

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