A Grainy Boulder Café

Eat at Chef Kelly Whitaker's Dry Storage

Don’t let the simple, compact space that houses Boulder’s new Dry Storage café deceive you—there’s a mountain’s worth of deliciousness inside. This daytime eatery inside the Peloton complex on the east side of town serves a selection of breads, salads and pastries made with heirloom grains that are freshly milled on site (you can even buy ancient-grain flour in bulk at the café for your own baking), plus brunch on the weekends.

Chef Kelly Whitaker—who owns Basta in Boulder (also in the Peloton) and The Wolf’s Tailor in Denver—opened Dry Storage to showcase his grains, in the form of perfectly seasoned focaccia; chewy sourdough; and a fluffy, white Pullman loaf—all of which serve as vehicles for his inventive artisanal sandwiches. Be sure to try espresso tonics, a riff on the Asian coffee programs that blend espresso with soda water and flavored syrups, such as thyme-lime or yuzu citrus.

3601 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder

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