A Cologne Line Worth Loving

One of my favorite perfume companies, Jo Malone London, has come out with a new line of colognes called The Herb Garden, and I’m practically dizzy with the zesty aromas. They are exactly what I’ve been craving in a scent—verdant, crisp, spicy, slightly sweet and leafy.

Five new varieties are out, and they are intoxicating: Nasturtium & Clover, Wild Parsley & Strawberry, Sorrel & Lemon Thyme, Carrot Blossom & Fennel and Lavender & Coriander. I dare you to smell these colognes at the fragrance counter and not buy one … or two. The packaging in clear, green glass bottles is classic Jo Malone, complete with an embossed herb illustration.

Addictive and delicious. $70/ounce, $350/collection of five; Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus or jomalone.com.

Categories: High Points