Design Tips to Elevate Your Space

Five design moves that make a major impact on your home

Making design decisions can be scary, whether you’re working on a new-build or a remodel. After all, you want your choices to make a design statement but you also want them to stand the test of time. Here are five of our favorite ways to create a space that elevates your design style without being too trendy or easily outdated. 

Textured Walls

14 Master Br2

Photo by James Maynard with Vantage Architectural Imagery

Textured walls are no new trick in the design world. However, we are seeing them make a strong appearance again. Adding texture to a space can help transform an otherwise flat and simple room into a sophisticated and custom space. We love this design trick because it can be done during a new build, remodel or even a weekend DIY if you’re feeling inspired. Our favorite ways to add texture can be as simple as applying a wallpaper with relief or as bold as stacked stone or thin set tile on a fireplace or feature wall. When it comes to texture, we say the more the better!

Built-In Storage

35 Study Cabinet Detail

Photo by James Maynard with Vantage Architectural Imagery

Every home has a need for storage, so why not create a well-designed piece that enhances both your storage capabilities as well as your home aesthetics. The built-in storage could be open storage like in the image above, or it could be fully encased to hide all of the clutter. Our key design trick here is to drop the ceiling down above the cabinets or shelving to make them feel fully encased, tucked away and custom. Add some recessed millwork lighting for an additional touch.

Quartz Backsplash

3 1

We have all seen and love the rising trend of applying quartz as a continuous backsplash and we are excited to say we think this trend is here to stay! Not only does this simple design decision bring a fresh and elevated feel to any kitchen, it also improves the clean-ability of this heavily used space. A quartz backsplash removes the need for repeated grout lines and allows you to wipe the surface clean in one easy swipe. We love the low maintenance and cohesive look this material can provide.

Find Your Color Scheme

3 Kitchen1

Photo by James Maynard with Vantage Architectural Imagery

Creating a color scheme for your home, or failing to do so, can really make or break your design. Establishing a color scheme for your home will ensure each room blends and flows seamlessly with one another. Incorporating consistent colors throughout your spaces allows you the freedom to add a unique color, pattern, or texture to each room while maintaining an underlying sense of similarity.

Bring Exterior Materials In

Lastpointefavorites 6

Photo by Phoco Photo

This is a design trick we often use for new-build homes and would recommend for those taking on a new design. We encourage exploring this option because it’s an easy way to make the exterior and interior appear unified. Our biggest tip for making this design trick a success is to bring in the exterior material in an intentional way. To achieve this successfully, we would recommend only incorporating exterior materials in locations that feel substantial and purposeful, like the stone wall shown above, which extends from the exterior to the interior.

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