Denver’s HBA Ignites the Potential of Their Members at the 2022 Innovation Summit

The Home Builder's Association recaps their latest event

Is Chairs Mary Schroeder And Lisa Lucero

The Home Builder’s Association (HBA) created an amazing event at their recent Innovation Summit at the Denver Arts Museum, which brought together nearly 150 of its members, consisting of builders, architects, designers and various associate members. The annual HBA Innovation Summit brings together leaders, innovators and drivers of change for an impactful live experience designed to foster relationships and inspire new perspectives.

The program consisted of three professional speakers that spoke on various ways to ‘Ignite Your Potential’. The first keynote was international bestselling author Mark Sanborn who spoke on “The Potential Principle.”  His witty presentation left the audience with a number of great takeaways on how to be better every day.

The second speaker was author Bev Adams who spoke on the importance of “Getting a Grip on Your Emotions.” Bev presented attendees with tools for businesses and communities to implement and understand neuro-cardiology and the power of the ‘heart-brain’ that provides better coherent communication, relationships and life solutions. She shared her inside view from the HeartMath Institute on how emotional energy governs intelligence, team performance, intuition and health.

Is Speaker Tasha Jones

Lastly, the Emcee and final speaker Tasha Jones presented “The New Way to Network”. Tasha wrapped up the program with comprehensive tools to use daily to network in a post-covid environment. Her savvy and unique communication style offered a more personal approach to meeting people in 2022.

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