Why Pavers are Integral to Colorado Landscaping

Freezing and thawing… shifting and sloping… it’s part of life in Colorado. Our extreme weather conditions can take a toll on hardscape materials. There is good news, however. Pavers are a proven winner when it comes to year-round outdoor living in Colorado. Concrete and brick pavers are the hardscape material of choice because of their many attributes.

Aesthetically, pavers look great in any garden setting because they are available in so many different colors, shapes, sizes and textures. They offer something for every style and taste and are surprisingly affordable, all while adding lasting value to your home. From formal to natural, classical to contemporary, there is a style of paver that complements the architecture of any home.

Pavers create an entirely different experience than concrete. They provide a softer, more intimate feel, while being created from a material that can withstand our harsh Colorado elements.

Pavers are an excellent choice due to the environmentally-friendly benefits of their semi-permeable surface. Their relatively smooth, regular surface allows for easy snow removal. Rain water and snow melt is easily returned to the soil, instead of running off or puddling.

Pavers sit on a bed of sand or recycled asphalt, which has the capability to move with the shifting soil. This makes them less prone to crack or heave in our freeze-thaw cycles. If settling or a crack does appear, it’s repairable by pulling up the paver(s) and re-grading the base material or replacing the paver.

Their strength and durability eliminate costly patching or resurfacing and require far less maintenance than other hardscape materials.


Jessica Hommel is one of the owners at Designs by Sundown, a landscape architecture, construction and maintenance firm with a portfolio in high-end residential projects and select commercial works. You can reach her at 303-789-4400.

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