What the Editor is Loving: For the Mudroom

Rain gear, hooks, and door mats

I am a big fan of New Zealand design, not to mention New Zealanders in general. Two of our wonderful friends who hail from the South Island sent us an amazing trove of holiday gifts, including the above Blunt XS Metro + Tile umbrella that a) is handsome and streamlined for travel b) has no pokey points, making the world a safer place for passersby, c) won’t break if you battle gale-force winds, and d) won’t get lost because it comes with a Bluetooth tracking tile that syncs with your smartphone and tucks into a specially designed pocket on the umbrella. I am now, officially, singin’ in the rain.
$59, bluntusa.com

Clothespins of any size remind me of the outdoor line where we’d hang our beach towels during family summers at the Jersey Shore. Their beautiful simplicity makes me happy. These Jpeg Wall Hooks by Thabto come in a set of three and multitask: They can hold letters and cards or serve as a territorial marker in the mudroom. They have magnets so they’ll work on the fridge for kids’ art displays or to-do reminders. Finally, they can be screwed into the wall for holding purses, coats, backpacks, even beach towels.
$19.95, amazon.com or thabto.co.uk

Sometimes mud season calls for an extra mat by the door. This one is straight out of Brooklyn’s Domestic Construction. The company offers a wide range of colorful, washable, lightweight mats. Sandsweeper, shown here, comes in three sizes starting at $98. domestic-construction.com

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