Top White Paint, According to the Pros

40 design pros to share their favorite shade of white

SIMPLY WHITE OC-117 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “It’s a clean, bright white that has a touch of warmth (without being too creamy) and works well in almost any space. ” — Joe McGuire and Matthew Tenzin of Joe McGuire Design

CHINA WHITE PM-20 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “It acts as a wonderful wall and trim combo. Not crazy bright and not too yellow.” — Beth Armijo of Armijo Design Group

WHITE DOVE OC-17 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “It’s a classic warm white that looks great on everything.” — Chris Awadalla of Sanctuary Kitchen + Bath Design

ORIGAMI WHITE SW 7636 BY SHERWIN-WILLIAMS “It’s crisp, yet still has a warmth to it.”  — Gina D’Amore Bauerle of D’Amore Interiors

SHADED WHITE NO. 201 BY FARROW & BALL “For that client who wants a ‘white’ or ‘gray’ kitchen, this color offers a warmer alternative. Paired with soapstone or white-marble countertops and brass hardware—perfection.”  — Nancy Boland of Boland Lord Design

CHANTILLY LACE OC-65 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “It is a crisp white, without yellow, pink or blue undertones. It leans toward taupe, if anything, which to me is a universally compatible color.” — Pavan Krueger of Krueger Architecture

CHINA WHITE PM-20 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “We love that it has a gentle warmth because of a very small amount of green in it, but it is vibrant and packs a punch! It complements wood tones and is a great backdrop to art.” — Sarah Broughton of Rowland+Broughton

PAPER WHITE OC-55 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “It’s a classic, and it can be fun to play with different sheens when painting spaces.”  — Courtney St.  John of Casey St. John Interiors

MOUNTAIN PEAK WHITE 2148-70 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “It is fresh and bright while maintaining a feeling of warmth.” — Kristi Dinner and Susan Schwab of Company KD

CHANTILLY LACE OC-65 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “The name does not seem like an obvious choice for modern architecture, but it’s perfect—free of yellow undertones, but it doesn’t feel stark.”  — Renée del Gaudio of Renée del Gaudio Architecture

CLOUD WHITE BY RH “It’s one of my favorites because its barely visible creamy impregnation gives it softness. It also is a low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) formula, which meets or exceeds the most stringent U.S. air-quality rules.” — Angela Harris of TRIO

GREEK VILLA SW 7551 BY SHERWIN-WILLIAMS “This is a warm white that can go contemporary or traditional. Not too gray, yellow or blue.” — Eric Mandil of Mandil Inc.

WHITE OC-151 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “We have used this color in a few of our recent projects. The color is even, bright and consistent in nearly every light. It creates a warm overtone without turning to cream.”  — Devon Tobin and Miranda Cullen of Duet Design Group

PURE WHITE SW 7005 BY SHERWIN-WILLIAMS ”Like an art-museum level—whatever you put next to it or hang on it, it provides the best  background, especially for art.” — Stephen Hentschel of Mandil Inc.

SUPER WHITE OC-152 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “A versatile white when we’re blending warm and cool tones throughout a house, and especially when art is a major element.”  — Andy Johnson of DAJ Design

SIMPLY WHITE OC-117 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “It’s crisp and bright from dawn till night!”— Jed MacKenzie of Kitchen Distributors/Bulthaup Denver

PURE WHITE SW 7005 BY SHERWIN-WILLIAMS “It’s simple and clean without being icy or stark. Somehow it maintains what I think is a perfect neutrality and a little, tiny bit of warmth.” — Crystal Russell of TVL Creative

50% LINEN WHITE 912 + 50% DECORATOR’S WHITE CC-20, BOTH BY BENJAMIN MOORE “It’s my favorite, because it’s warm but clean and crisp at the same time. It looks amazing in contemporary, art-filled apartments in New York and in the glorious mountains of my home away from home: Telluride.” — Kimille Taylor

ORIENTAL LILY BY SYDNEY HARBOUR PAINT COMPANY “It’s calming and glamorous at the same time, an ethereal, pale-pink white.”— Ramey Caulkins of Griffin Design Source

CHANTILLY LACE OC-65 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “It is a nice, neutral white without being too stark like a bright white.”— Claire Jordan of Arch11

SIMPLY WHITE OC-117 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “It has just the right amount of warmth to go with anything from warm tones to cool tones, and it has enough depth to stand on its own as the only color in a room.”— Pamela Chelle of Pamela Chelle Interior Design

CLASSIC GRAY OC-23 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “It is the perfect ‘white’ that has just enough gray and brown to warm up any space.”— Ashley Larson Eitemiller of C+A Interiors

SIMPLY WHITE OC-117 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “It is a warm and happy white that complements all colors.”— Susan Hall of Buttercup Home Custom Interiors

CHANTILLY LACE OC-65 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “It’s crisp, pure and completely flexible.”— Dale Hubbard of Surround Architecture

WHITE DOVE OC-17 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “It blends well with warm and cool tones. The end result is always a space that feels light but just warm enough to give a sense of invitation and comfort.” — Anna Gustason of Aspen Leaf Kitchens Ltd.

SIMPLY WHITE OC-117 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “Because it’s simply perfect.” — Regan Mattingly of Chalet

DECORATOR’S WHITE CC-20 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “It is the hands-down favorite white, according to former Guiry’s paint tech Neneh Biffinger. It’s part of the Designers Classic Collection of tried-and-true off-white colors chosen with confidence.” — Carol Moore Mink of Moore & Mink

WHITE DOVE OC-17 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “It’s a warm, gray white that really works in any space. Somehow, White Dove looks consistent in any lighting. The color doesn’t change—it doesn’t give off any yellows.” — Megan Moore of Dadō Design

SIMPLY WHITE OC-117 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “My contemporary clients love it, my transitional clients love it, and my farmhouse/vintage clients love it. There’s something about it that isn’t too warm, too cold or too anything! It is exactly how it is named.” — Laura Medicus of Laura Medicus Interiors

CLASSIC GRAY 1548 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “It has a hint of gray that works well with the popular gray-tone decor my clients are requesting. I like my paints to be in a matte finish unless we are doing strong, bold colors that are meant to command a room—then I prefer a high-gloss finish.” — Jan Neiges

SNOWBOUND SW7004 BY SHERWIN-WILLIAMS “This warm white paint makes a statement as the perfect backdrop for contrasting colors. It takes any interior and raises the perceived value.”— Doris Pearlman of Possibilities

SWISS COFFEE OC-45 BY BENJAMIN MOORE or GREEK VILLA SW 7551 BY SHERWIN-WILLIAMS “They are both what we call ‘chameleon whites,’ because you can use cream or bright whites with them and they look good with both.” — Andrea Schumacher of Andrea Schumacher Interiors

DECORATOR’S WHITE CC-20 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “It’s not too blue and not too yellow—a perfect balance of warm and cool tones.” — Tina Stoecklein of Nest Architectural Design

SIMPLY WHITE OC-117 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “This is a good white for walls and cabinets. It goes great with warm or cool colors.” — Kristen Thomas of Studio Thomas

WHITE DOVE OC-17 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “It’s a great neutral white that doesn’t pull yellow, pink or gray. We recently used it on a residential project in Aspen and in Arizona in a clubhouse.” — Kimberly Timmons-Beutner of KTI

CLOUD WHITE 967 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “It is a dreamy, soft white that pulls you in with its timeless essence.” — Andrew Williams of Andrew Williams Designs

WHITE DOVE OC-17 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “It’s bright and fresh, and it looks good flat and in a high-gloss sheen. It’s always my go-to white.” — Emily Tucker of Emily Tucker Design 

WHITE DOVE OC-17 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “It’s not too warm and not too cool!” — Kelly Zibell of Knape & Zibell

SIMPLY WHITE OC-117 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “Every client’s color scheme is unique to their project and location, so when I need a versatile color to complement cool tones or warm tones, this is what I choose.” — Colleen Johnson of In-Site Design Group

WHITE DOVE OC-17 BY BENJAMIN MOORE “I love this paint for trim and ceilings. ‘Fresh’ and ‘clean’—my two favorite words.” — Elisabeth Reed of Reed Design Group

As a nod to reaching the divine age of 40, we’ll be sharing insights from 40 design pros here and in print for each issue.

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