Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2023

Denver interior design firm Kimberly Timmons Interiors sits down with Colorado Homes & Lifestyles to predict the 2023 trends in home décor and design

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New year, new décor! With design trends constantly changing, most people find themselves wishing for something they see in a magazine. A simple refresh of new pillows, rugs, or a new piece of furniture can often scratch the itch of wanting something new and fresh. Plus, a need for a personal connection to home has come to the forefront since COVID, and a small refresh could help you feel more connected to your space and evoke happy emotions. There are always ways to go bigger with a refresh with new paint and furniture, but even a small change in your space could elevate your experience in your home.

Here are five interior design trends the team at Kimberly Timmons Interiors predicts will come to fruition in 2023.

1. Feature Walls


Wallcoverings, trim details and pops of color on one wall are a great way to bring life into a room. The great thing about this design detail is that it can fit any budget. Fun print wallcoverings can be a great cost-effective option, or go big with stained trim detail. The best part is you don’t have to use a loud color or pattern to make a statement–you can keep them neutral while still getting the depth and texture a feature wall brings.

2. Statement Furniture


Invest in a few unique pieces, like a sling-back accent chair or a geometric bedside table that complements the space. This provides some visual interest and texture layering for a unique look. Furniture isn’t just for utility anymore; you can bring your style and personality into a space through a few exciting pieces. Two of our favorites are bedside tables with a combination of gold and gunmetal or a rattan feature with curved accents in this dresser.

3. Color


In 2023, color palettes are going to be all about personal style. While bold colors are on the rise, they have a specific look and aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Neutral, comforting color palettes are still in. Some people like a loud, energetic space, while others still prefer simplicity and purity–like the Alta Model by Woodside Homes.

4. Lighting


Say goodbye to all can lights and hello to funky and fresh lighting. 2023 is going to feature a lot of fun lighting, and for good reason! It’s a simple way to elevate any space. Eye-catching lighting draws the eye upward in a large, two-story room. A great chandelier or pendant over the dining room table creates an upscale ambiance. Toe kick lighting below cabinetry in kitchens and bathrooms will brighten up the entire space. With options for budget-friendly and high-end, you can’t go wrong with fun lighting.

5. Flexible Floor Plans


Many builders and homeowners are moving away from the standard, always-done-it-this-way floor plans to more unique and tailored floor plans that work better for them. Some of the most sought-after additions are large, walk-in pantries and back kitchens. Having enough storage to hold food and other necessities is a must for a lot of families, allowing them to grocery shop less and stock up on their favorites. Plus, it keeps the clutter out of the main kitchen.

Another great addition to floor plans is multi-purpose spaces that can serve as work, lounge, media, or workout rooms. Everyone knows that work from home has become the norm, so we’re seeing more ways to incorporate multi-use spaces so your three-bedroom doesn’t become a two-bedroom with an office. Get creative with your smaller spaces, too–maybe a pocket office under the stairs.


The good news is that all of these trends are on a spectrum and can be done on a budget or with more of an investment. If you’re refreshing in 2023, consider implementing one or more of these trends to bring new life into your space.

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