Toasting the Good Life

As if life in Colorado weren’t good enough, the Beer Institute recently crowned Colorado the beer-producing capital of the country, thanks to the 724.5 million gallons of beer we churned out in 2006. (Numbers for 2007 aren’t available yet, but all signs suggest we’ll keep our title for a while.) Colorado is also home to some of the nation’s finest craft brewers, which produce all-malt beers in relatively small batches. We tracked down a few Colorado brewers who are committed to producing great beer and saving the environment. For expert advice on pairing these delicious and eco-friendly brews with food, click here. Cheers!

(left to right) Samurai Great Divide Brewing Co., Denver, (303) 296-9460,; Abbey New Belgium Brewing Co., Ft. Collins, (888) NBB-4044,; India Pale Ale Odell Brewing Co., Ft. Collins, (888) 887-2797,; Yeti Imperial Stout Great Divide Brewing Co., Denver, (303) 296-9460,; Hazed & Infused Boulder Beer Co., Boulder, (303) 444-8448,

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