Time to Garden!

Spring is almost here, break out the gardening tools and dig in

The growing season will soon be in full swing, and with it comes the prospect of starting to work in the garden. By turns challenging, relaxing and rewarding, gardening is an activity that almost anyone can do, whether in a large plot, raised beds, a windowsill herb garden or a few pots on the patio. Learn a little more below about garden techniques, including a fun, elegant design for you to try.

Companion Planting

Good plant companions make for a great garden. Some plants are beneficial for others, adding nutrients to the soil and drawing beneficial insects into the garden, while others grow rapidly, crowding out their neighbors. For instance, marigold deters beetles from a variety of vegetables, while dill retards the growth of carrots. Do a little research to find the best neighbors for your garden plants.

Potager Garden

Potager is a French term for a kitchen garden; colorful, functional combination of vegetables, herbs and flowers, either edible or non-edible. This stylish, versatile design can be created either in-ground, or in a container. It’s an ideal environment for companion planting; try the combinations below for good results:

  • Bush beans and marigolds
  • Kale and chamomile
  • Carrots and chives
  • Tomatoes and basil


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