These Fall-Inspired Works of Art Hail the Tree

Nature provides a perfect metaphor for the rhythm of life

There’s a day in spring when suddenly the world turns green. Trees come to life and bring us along. Our hearts are lighter. Temperatures rise, and they comfort us in shade. In a breeze they sing and dance. By fall their leaves explode in vibrancy before making a final descent. Even bare, in the midst of winter, their silhouettes keep us company. On walls, whether in photographs, realistic landscapes or impressionistic bursts, they are a joyful reminder of the beauty that’s always available if we keep our eyes open and pay attention.

Variations Trunks Copy

Artist Ruthie A. Werner of Louisville, Colorado, always projects whimsy, joy and a love of the outdoors in her work. These aspen trees are a combination of acrylic and wood, and true to aspens, they move in the light. “Untitled,” 2’ by 3’, $2,500.

Variations Landscape Copy

Boulder-based artist and art instructor Lael Har is a devoted, prolific painter of the natural world. “Wilderness,” 30” x 30”, $900.

“I am inspired daily by this beautiful place we live in. That contentment in nature is mirrored in my work. I rely on the essence of a place instead of its realness and utilize big brushes, tools, and lots of paint.”

-Lael Har

Variations Hill Copy

Denver artist Melanie Grein’s recent abstracts are on display at Walker Fine Art’s “Modus Operandi” show through September 10. Her more figurative work, including these impressionistic trees, combines color with a dash of melancholy. “On a Hill,” 36” x 24”, acrylic on canvas, $1,300.

Finds Frontis Trees Copy

Autumn in the eyes of artist Melanie Grein. This acrylic on canvas, “Red Trees in Blue Rain,” is 20” x 20”, $640. Grein’s latest abstracts are currently on display at Walker Fine Art in Denver.

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