The Young and the Restless (in a Good Way)

Forty is more than a little way back in my rearview mirror. That’s why I always marvel at our Five Under 40 recipients. They’ve managed to accomplish so much in a relatively brief stretch. Our senior editor and writer, Michelle Johnson, oversees this contest because a) she’s under 40 and b) like all the winners, she’s passionate, hardworking, super bright and a joy to be around. I am grateful to have such a wonderful person on our team. Michelle, pictured above at right (in black) with our fabulous art director Eleanor Williamson, worked with last year’s Five Under 40 winners to select this year’s crop. They are Darla Callaway, Dana Ellis, Brett La Hay, LeAnn Ostheimer and Steev Wilson. Please do peruse their stories and their work. It will give you faith in the future and inspire your present.

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