The Number One Garden Must-Have of 2016

Pots are in. And we don’t mean your boring old terracotta planters, or your grandma’s eclectic collection of small, mismatched pots. We mean big, bold pots that become an integral design feature in your space. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect containers for your garden.

Go as big as you can for the space

Larger pots become a focal point, while also making for better plantings that are easier to maintain.

Pick a pot that looks attractive empty
If you can’t get around to planting your pot, you won’t have to stress. Popular colors include metallics and unusual greens (think aquas, jades, mineral greens). Modern and clean concrete pots are also on trend. Avoid pots with heavy ornamentation unless that’s the style of the space.

Mix and match
Feel free to mix and match different pots, but make sure they share one unifying element, be it material, shape or color.

Make sure pots can survive the Colorado winter
Stay away from terracotta unless you are willing to bring it inside when the weather gets cold.

Pro tip: Protect your flagstone or pavers from damage by containers without saucers by using small pot pads that elevate the pot to allow for water flow. This prevents freezing around the base of your pot over winter. 

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