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(Most definitely home for the duration)
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So…my husband has the TV or the radio on 24/7 and every time he emerges I say, “Tell me the GOOD news!” It’s become a repeated refrain that adds a bit of levity to the surreal state of things.

In an attempt to offer up some good news, I’ve decide to share daily things that make me happy in the hope that they might add a bit of cheer—or at least coping skills—to your day

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Making my bed. It’s the FIRST thing I do every morning. It’s also one of the few things in life I have control of and immediately establishes a sense of order and beauty (Yes! There’s beauty in a bed made crisply with a patchwork quilt from my mom and an odd stuffed animal from my husband) to my day. It also serves to get my rear out from under the sheets and as a person who suffers from depression it a) removes the options of staying in and hiding b) forces me to come out from under and immediately do something positive.

Gratitude. Corny? Maybe. Helpful? Definitely. Appreciation is an excellent antidote to fear. For almost a decade, and now when I need it, I write a daily list. Doesn’t matter if you repeat things, just the act of writing makes it real.  Over time you will start seeing more and more things that you were grateful for (the smell and feel of clean sheets comes to mind). And I can say for sure that honoring the gifts of my life—my family, friends, the goodness of strangers, the Colorado clouds—provides a slice of peace as well as daily reminder of things that the virus and the market cannot take away.

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The Written Word. I believe in art. Whether it’s on the wall or bound in leather, it gives us the beauty of humanity in many layers. Right now I’m reading two books. Untamed is hot-off-the-presses from Glennon Doyle (Love Warrior). She’s a genius of insight and a helluva writer who shares her struggles and life lessons in the most amazing and vulnerable ways. This book has lots of short chapters so you don’t need a huge stretch of time for a reward of the heart.

I’m also reading The Winter Army by Maurice Isserman which is the story of the 10th Mountain Division and the elite alpine warriors who risked their lives during WWII. Much of the book revolves around Colorado’s Camp Hale and knowing the landscape where these brave men trained makes it even more interesting. The hardships they experienced are beyond the ken of my spoiled existence.  There’s nothing like war to help adjust the perspective button. 

** If you are home with children (Bless You!!), I’d like to share a treat. One of my favorite children’s authors (and also a wonderful artist), Oliver Jeffers, is reading his books aloud every day. See his Instagram post, below.

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