The Creative Output of Colorado's Design Minds

I have seen the creative output of Colorado’s up-and-coming designers, and it’s nothing short of inspirational. We are proud to feature five young architects, designers and builders who are doing phenomenal work right here where we live. As in the past, we called on last year’s (2015) Five Under 40 winners to help us select this year’s recipients. You will find the class of 2016, as well as samples of their work, at: 2016 Five Under 40 Awards: Cream of the New Crop

The 2016 Five Under 40 Award Winenrs; Photo by Jennifer Olson

Photo of George Lange by George Lange

I hope you are likewise moved by the stunning images of Boulder-based photographer and author George Lange (above), whose warm portraits serve as a radical contrast to ceramicist Lia Pileggi (below), whose works are inspired by bugs, bats and other non-cuddly creatures.

Photos by Aly Nicklas

I’m thrilled with the addition of renowned Colorado architect Harry Teague to our contributors list. Teague offered his take on the amazing Aspen Institute.

Photo by Kimberly Gavin

Finally, in our August 2016 issue shared a range of mountain homes, from family rustic to old-school homestead (above) to elegant ranch. It’s wonderful to live in a state where so many great escapes rest within our borders.

To getting away, relishing the light and sharing in the beauty of Colorado,


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