The (Almost) Daily Dose: Write a Letter!

Letters spread love and the world always needs more love, especially now

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Welcome to Friday. Today, I am going to wax resplendent on the beauty of snail mail. It’s not just that I am a devotee of the written word. It’s that I love the romance of receiving a letter and deciding where and when I want to read it, cherishing its contents and appreciating the creativity of how it was put together. I also love writing/creating them, knowing that I will bring a little bit of unexpected joy into the day of someone I care about. There’s no immediate gratification involved, which is another thing I love. It’s slow and thoughtful and necessitates effort. It can also serve as an outlet for your creative soul if you let it.

My friend Kate and I have been writing each other letters for almost 40 years. Her notes and cards are bursts of heart with a stamp. It’s a mini surprise party in my mailbox. They’re also fun and a visit with her in a way that phone talk is not.

There is thought and effort behind a letter that is so much more meaningful than thumbing a quick text or shooting off an image. My friend Jennifer is more into the postcard missive but it’s just as delicious and a wonderful gift. The possibility of discovering one of these works in the mailbox makes the walk up our driveway exciting.

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The photo above is of the mail I’ve received this week. A card from Kate, a drawing from wonderful local artist Michael Dowling, a postcard from Jennifer (entitled Holly Golightly’s Breakfast by Joël Penkman) and a piece of Fan Mail/Mail Art (a holiday gift from Jennifer) by Maine artist Margaret Rizzio.

How fun is that?! Letters spread love. And the world ALWAYS needs more love but especially now when we’re living in a forced disconnect. Cards can be made. Postcards are inexpensive. (Once we are post quarantine—vintage postcards at flea markets are a super fun to go through and purchase. They’re also usually $1 or less.) I often carry extra in my purse so if I’m stuck waiting for something or someone, I can shoot off a note. Don’t underestimate the joy that you are putting out in the world by sending a note/card/letter/joke to someone you care about. Now’s the time.

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