The (Almost) Daily Dose: The Worst Year of My Life, Part V

It's so over
The Whale Vqy Duvet Covers

Whale illustration by Terry Fan for Society6

Someday I would like to write a book, the final chapter of which will be titled “THE SMOOTH SAILING CHAPTER.” And the pages will be blank. Oh honeys, there is no smooth sailing chapter. The waves will keep coming but the more we take on the better we can get at riding. My friend (Jennifer D) and I chat on the phone often and a repeated refrain is, “Let me know when you get to the smooth sailing chapter,” or “I can’t wait for the smooth sailing chapter.” And then we laugh and go on with our day.

Women friends are paramount. Humor is key. Having a few refrains in your brain helps. The almost constant coexistence of happiness and sadness is a fact of adult life and one doesn’t negate the other. Even during a bad time or in the midst of a bad day, there are good, maybe even great moments. Train your eye and your heart to let them in. Then wrap your arms around them and hold on for a few stunning beats.


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