The (Almost) Daily Dose: Taking in the Inspiration and Passing it On

Sharing helpful tidbits with those I love

My mother was the clipping queen. From the moment I went off to college and throughout my adulthood she would send my articles from The New York Times or The New Yorker or whatever publication had a story she deemed interesting. I carry on the tradition with my daughters, saving, photocopying (one for each) stories I find helpful or inspiring.

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I subscribe to O, The Oprah Magazine because they often have tidbits of information that I don’t see anywhere else. The latest issue of O included a 20-question Q&A with Michelle Obama, a woman I always find to be interesting, surprising, impactful and motivational. Here, I share a few of the answers that I loved:

If you could send a note to yourself in 2020, what would it say?

“I hope you’re still waking up every morning excited about the possibilities of who you might become. I hope you never think you’re done growing.”

How do you define soul mate?

Someone who’s committed to growing with you, who doesn’t let you off the hook when you want to give up on a big dream or play it safe.

What’s the greatest gift we can give each other?

Sharing our stories—in all their messy, broken glory. When we stand in the truth of who we are, we invite others to do the same.

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