The (Almost) Daily Dose: Do One Thing for Someone Else

And don't tell anybody
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There is something so soul uplifting about being kind. Even more so when you do it for the sake of kindness itself.

This weekend I heard so many stories of people doing nice things for their friends, neighbors and strangers. From making masks to cooking an extra batch of soup and leaving it on the doorstep to dropping off a bottle of rosé for no reason. I delivered a care package via bicycle to my daughter Emmy in Boulder and re-discovered how much I love riding my bike.

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We had a social distancing chat on her front porch and is was just so lovely. No electronics, no distractions, just a sweet talk with my sweet girl. When else have I done that? NEVER. I am telling you about my deed to serve a purpose but there are other things I do and tell no one because it just feels good. My heart smiles. I come into contact with the love force of the world and it’s powerful. I urge you to try it for a day and see how it transforms your Monday.

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