The (Almost) Daily Dose: A Makeover With What’s Already in Your House

aka change is good!

There is nothing urgent about decorating. There is, however, something very important about creating beauty where you live. I understand that that idea is different for everyone but I do think it’s important to figure out what makes your soul smile and dig in with a spoon.

On Saturday I did a bit of spring cleaning and ended up rearranging my office. My husband Scott had done a major purge in the basement and mentioned that we had to stop saving things for “someday” and bite the bullet by getting rid of them. My bullet biting was to include a chest from the New Jersey beach house my parents bought when I was 12.

We sold the house four years ago and I kept two things: a lamp that I have spray painted and gussied up, and this chest, which I have not. It’s missing a drawer pull and the drawers themselves involve an opening and closing strategy. These are quirks I love.

Screen Shot 2020 04 02 At 10.32.19 Am

Screen Shot 2020 04 02 At 10.33.27 Am

So, while he was out on a walk, I dragged it upstairs and removed my desk because a) I never sit at a desk and b) I needed to clear some room.

It took about 15 minutes of moving bits before I had a layout in hand and then realized there were two more pieces downstairs that were underutilized and deserved a home. One, a buffalo plaid Room & Board chair that was an impulse buy for him and then didn’t fit in his office. Felt like a victory to finally have a spot for it. The other was a very mod side table. So minus one desk and three pieces of newly employed furniture. The chest also offers more storage than the drawer-less desk did which warms my utilitarian heart. And the chair holds a Pendleton blanket pillow I made.

Screen Shot 2020 04 02 At 10.56.28 Am

My husband now drops by several times a day and sits in the chair to chat. I am thrilled about that and also thrilled that the place feels like pieces of my life wrapping their arms around me. 

Screen Shot 2020 04 02 At 10.57.25 Am


  1. Start with one space and really think about how you want to use it.
  2. If you’re like me and you have Pinterest files for everything, go there and study what you love.
  3. PLAY until you come up with something that feels good and makes you want to stay. If you get rid of things unused or that have lost their spark, do not feel guilty. You can donate what’s still usable and toss what’s not.
  4. Find more spots for art, whether it’s an old black-and-white photo from your grandparent’s wedding or your dad’s medical school picture (yes, I have that and he graduated in 1950, there was one woman in the class!) or your child’s drawing. Not everything needs to be framed. Just put pieces on the floor and move them until you like the configuration.


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