The 5 Most Important Things to Consider When Selecting Tile

Selecting tile for your home can be intimidating—there are countless options, and it can feel like a big decision. With proper care, tile can last for decades in your bedroom, kitchen or bath. Keep these five tips in mind when it’s time to choose.

1. High or Low Maintenance?

Consider your lifestyle and commitment to maintenance. Natural stone requires annual sealing and caution with spills, unlike porcelain, which is low maintenance and will not stain the way natural stone can.

2. Time and Money

Know your budget and timeframe prior to selecting your tile. Showrooms can steer you in the right direction if they have these two critical pieces of information.

3. Know Your Style

Are you a trendsetter, choosing the newest item to hit the market, or do you prefer to follow your heart and select what speaks to you, no matter what the hot topics are? Online images, Pinterest and Houzz boards are all great tools for collecting ideas; use them to create a visual file of the designs, colors and textures that resonate with you.

4. Samples are Key

Make sure to take tile samples to your project. It is important to live with the samples, and look at them in different light as well as with your other fixed finishes. If you are placing a custom order (ceramics, mosaics, custom stone finishes) be sure your showroom provides custom made-to-order samples to verify color, variation and texture.

5. A Quality Installer

Select an experienced, responsible and caring tile installer; beautiful products cannot compensate for careless installation.


Margot Hampleman is the founder and owner of Decorative Materials, which offers a unique collection of tile, stone, glass and bath products. Contact her at 303-722-1333.

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