Alpaca: The Fiber of Gods

Handmade floor coverings made from naturally sourced materials from Peru
Sumaq Alpaca Rugs

Sumaq Alpaca Rugs | Photo Courtesy of Sumaq Alpaca

A passion for the people and culture of Peru and an interest in design inspired college buddies Derek Beech and Collis Verdicchio to start a business selling handmade artisan rugs from this South American region. After visiting the rural communities of Peru and observing the expert weavers create exquisite pieces with high design, the duo felt inspired to bring these one-of-a-kind alpaca rugs to other locales. “Sumaq rugs are 100% sourced from material raised, grown and processed in Peru. We are one of the only rug companies in the world that are truly local.  When you buy a Sumaq rug you are getting a rug, made ethically by well-paid weavers,” explains Sumaq Alpaca Rugs founders Derek Beech and Collis Verdicchio.

Sumaq Alpaca Rugs Founders Derek Beech And Collis Verdicchio

Sumaq Alpaca Rugs founders Derek Beech and Collis Verdicchio | Photo Courtesy of Sumaq Alpaca

Alapcas Of The Andes Mountains

Alapcas of the Andes Mountains | Photo Courtesy of Sumaq Alpaca

These handmade carpets make a statement underfoot. Made from soft Alpaca fleece, an ecologically friendly natural fibre, each rug is painstakingly woven by hand. Each piece tells a story and carries with it the pride of culture and craftsmanship in an art that has been passed on from generation to generation. “At Sumaq, we take pride in the fact that we are creating and keeping jobs in rural communities throughout Peru,” says Beech and Verdicchio. “With a handmade loom and knowledge of this beautiful craft, local weavers can feed, clothe, and shelter an entire family. It is this way of life that inspires our motto—Every rug creates an opportunity.” 

Sumaqs Commitment Goes Beyond The Weavers It Extends To The Communities In Which The Weavers Live To Do This Sumaq Gives Back 5 Of Profits To The Communities Where The Rugs Are Made

Sumaq’s commitment goes beyond the weavers_ it extends to the communities in which the weavers live. To do this, Sumaq gives back 5% of profits to the communities where the rugs are made. | Photo Courtesy of Sumaq Alpaca

It’s the company’s passion for creating jobs and practicing ethical manufacturing practices in Peru that attracted the team at Integral Threads in Denver, Colorado to carry this superior line of handwoven rugs. “We felt it was a great addition to our collections that would fit any of our clients’ styles,” says Stephanie Holmes, Owner of Integral Thread. “The designs are simple, elegant, and incredibly soft.”

Sumaq Alpaca Rugs offers three collections including flat woven, hand-knotted and suri. These rugs embrace a multitude of characteristics and are unique in their own right. “They just released a new hand-knotted collection that is woven Nepal to give a thicker pile height and different weaving technique,” says Holmes. “It may be the softest thing I have ever felt!  We will have samples in the showroom this summer, and we can’t wait to show them off.”

Stop by the Integral Thread showroom to experience these high-quality pieces. For more information on the Sumaq Alpaca collection at Integral Thread, visit

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