Stylish Living with Kendra Anderson

Welcome to Stylish Living! I developed this column for people who love to entertain at home, but who also want to explore all of Colorado’s fabulous food and wine establishments and activities. My passion is creating memorable experiences with the people who mean the most to me, and for a good reason these events always seem to revolve around food and wine.

As the owner of a catering and event planning company, I constantly find myself in pursuit of fresh, modern recipes and ingredients, which I often test at my personal gatherings and celebrations. Because I also work full time, I particularly appreciate simple, delicious dishes with make-ahead components. As a certified sommelier, I give nearly as much thought to the wine (or other beverages) to pair with the meal. So I always include drink recommendations for whatever I am loving at the moment.

During the months of November and December your schedule is likely packed with holiday celebrations and gatherings with family, friends, and co-workers. Last year I hosted a party that didn’t compete with evening soirees—a New Year’s Day brunch. Brunch is an excellent option during this time of the year (or any other time, for that matter!). It is a refreshing alternative to the nighttime parties and is one of the only times we get to enjoy cocktails with breakfast.

My brunch menu is full of simple yet elegant dishes that will impress your guests without filling your schedule. Individual goat cheese soufflés are the star of the show, but don’t be intimidated—the batter can be made up to two days in advance, which allows plenty of time to practice.

Sweet potato latkes are the ultimate comfort food, and a refreshing twist on a classic dish. They are ready in a flash, and when dressed with tangy crème frâiche (available in most supermarkets’ dairy cases) and a spoonful of caviar, they make a stunning addition to your brunch.

The rest of the menu is elegant and simple. Seasonal and scrumptious Ruby Red grapefruit gets a sweet brown sugar brulée topping. Gourmet chicken-and-apple sausages need a quick grilling before sitting down to eat, and pastries from your neighborhood bakery arranged on a beautiful serving tray couldn’t be more simple. The final touch; gorgeous pomegranate Bellinis and a make-your-own Bloody Mary bar.

I hope you enjoy Stylish Living as much as I enjoy bringing it to you… a bientot!

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