Stay Historic in Golden

The Dove Inn is a stylish boutique hotel in a renovated Victorian home in the foothills
Photos courtesy of The Dove Inn

Originally built in 1866, this Victorian home in Golden was recently renovated into a chic boutique hotel, The Dove Inn, with modern amenities (think luxurious bath essentials, Wi-Fi and craft coffee beans from local roasters), plust 10 unique and stylish rooms—great for a post-Red Rocks treat. 

We sat down with owners Regan and Libby Foster to learn more about the charming foothills spot. 

How did you get the idea for The Dove Inn?
The house was built in 1866 by a somewhat prominent politician at the time. It's history in hospitality is lengthy. It was a boarding house for many years. Thirty years ago, the house was turned into a bed and breakfast and remained so until we bought the inn in November 2017. We decided to run the inn a little differently; we weren't excited about the idea of a BnB, so we rebranded into a boutique hotel. We did a full renovation on the property and updated all of the spaces. 

What makes The Dove Inn unique?
There are so many things that make us unique! Firstly, although we staff the inn daily, we don't have a front desk and we don't have staff hovering. We like the idea of our guests coming and going as they please, taking charge of their own vacations. No need to sit and chat with us for an hour—go take that hike! We also offer amenities like local kombucha and cold brew coffee on tap—we don't skimp on the goodies. 

Tell me about the design.
The design was inspired by two things: the then and the now. We wanted to honor the roots of the home's history. The victorian era was known for progress and ingenuity, and we wanted the space to reflect that. The home was very clearly loved when we bought it, but it didn't look like a Victorian home.

We decided to bring back some of the aesthetics from that era. Additionally, we wanted the home to reflect the era we're in now: innovative, new and stylish. We wanted our guests to feel the luxuries of the 21st century while enjoying the historic style from the late 1800's.

What are the lodging options?
We have 10 rooms and they are all different! There are 5 rooms that are considered historic, as they are part of the original home. These rooms are quaint, with original hardwood floors and original brick exposed. Two of the rooms even have antique tubs.

In addition, there are 5 larger rooms. They are less historic, but equally as charming. 3 rooms are fitted with king beds and the rest have queen beds. All of the rooms have small sitting areas and 2 rooms are equipped with full kitchens.

What's your biggest hope for the Inn?
We hope our guests feel welcome and warm in the space, but also feel like they're on vacation. It's luxurious and accessible. We hope that people visit the inn and feel inspired,  relaxed and a little at home.  

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