Splurge-Worthy Furniture, According to the Pros

40 design pros weigh in on what piece of furniture is most deserving of your dough

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“A FORNASETTI DESK. I could stare at them all day long. One really graphic, strong piece of furniture is all you need to tie together a room.” — Daniel Gieseking of Bloom by Anuschka

“The WICK DINING CHAIR, designed by Hable for Hickory Chair, is the perfect splurge; style, personality and comfort invite longer conversations and fun. And when the patio is calling your name, Royal Botania’s JIVE DINING CHAIR is waiting for you and your cocktail!” — Leanna Boers and Caitlin Mancini of Hoff Miller

“The gorgeous LIVE-EDGE WOOD AND EPOXY SLABS by Willard Woodworking, whether it’s for a dining table, desk or bar top.” — Gina D’Amore Bauerle and Marilyn D’Amore of D’Amore Interiors

“The BLADE SECTIONAL by Thayer Coggin is the ultimate in style and comfort. Cantilevered design and multiple customization options make it the perfect sectional to splurge on this year.” — Kevin Branum of CAI Designs

“Crate & Barrel’s 108-INCH MONARCH RECTANGULAR DINING TABLE. This solid-walnut table with brown-and-gray-blend Shiitake finish will allow you to entertain up to 10 friends and relatives with comfortable style.” — Audrey Moon of Crate & Barrel

“A statement accent chair with a fun shape. I love the classic SHELL CHAIR by Wegner, with its wide plywood seat that draws your eye. Another favorite is the HANA ARMCHAIR from Moooi, which has a soft, circular form and adds a nice contrast to a more rectilinear sofa.” — Cherie Goff of HMH Architecture + Interiors

“Light fixtures, which can serve as both an architectural detail and an art piece. I covet all lighting by Apparatus, especially the TALISMAN. It’s timeless, innovative and truly unique.” — Devon Tobin of Duet Design Group 

“The FLEXFORM GROUNDPIECE SOFA is beautiful, well-crafted and ridiculously comfortable. It will quickly become the center of your home.” — Anna Bugge of Studio Como

“Definitely the dining table. It’s a place where you spend a lot of time with family and friends. Two tables we love: HURON TABLE from New Classics. It’s handcrafted here in Denver and can be customized for any setting. And the MENSOLA TABLE from Iatesta Studio is a chic blend of wood and metal. It’s made to order in Maryland.” — Jennifer M. Connors of Shanahan Collection

“For outdoor spaces, I love two DEEP-SEATING ARMCHAIRS AND A LARGE COFFEE TABLE; it’s the furniture set-up that will get the most use throughout the day (think morning coffee and evening cocktails). The Danish-inspired furniture pieces from CANE-LINE tie together high-end styling and durable materials, making for perfect outdoor seating year-round.” — Morgan Huston of Birdsall & Co.

“We did recently splurge on ourselves with a purchase of a VINTAGE 1950S BURLED OLIVE WOOD CREDENZA. Sometimes when you see it, it haunts you, you buy it, and then you figure out where it will go.” — Stephen Hentschel of Mandil, Inc.

“In a traditional or classical setting, a SETTEE OR CHAISE LOUNGE by Italian furniture crafter FRANCESCO MOLON brings sophisticated grace and elevates the room’s décor as its accent piece.” — Brent Paul of KGA Studio Architects 

“A GREAT TABLE that starts out as a round for eight people but has four leaves that make room for 24 people. They’re best found at an auction or by a good cabinetmaker.” — Kathryn Ireland of The Perfect Room 

“A porch swing. You’re never too old to enjoy it. And even if it isn’t used, it’s a wonderful visual invitation and a ‘cherry on top’ detail to add to a porch or garden. MAGNOLIA PORCH SWINGS are great quality and come in a lot of different styles.” — Troy Shimp of Lifescape Colorado  

“A SAARINEN TULIP TABLE or WOMB CHAIR. Both are timeless and easy to add to any style of space, and have iconic shapely curves that ooze comfort and style.” — Megan Daughtry of Proud House Studio & Co.

“The HÄSTENS 2000T BED, as we spend a third of our life in slumber, resting the creative mind.” — Scott Lindenau of Studio B Architecture + Interiors

“It may be cliché, but I think architects are all obsessed with seating. I’ve collected my share of Midcentury chairs over the years, but my latest splurge is entirely of our time: two handcrafted walnut and leather LINNA LOUNGE CHAIRS BY SOLLOS for a Lisbon apartment. They’re handcrafted in Brazil, beautifully made and designed to look like they can spring from their place in the room and dance. We blew our entire furniture budget on them, and it was absolutely worth it.” — EJ Meade of Arch11 

“Choose a sofa that expresses your personality and gives you a sense of comfort, home and family. We recommend a well-made, CUSTOMIZABLE SOFA or SECTIONAL from Lexington Home Brands or Sherrill Furniture that is warm, inviting and anchors the room. Fabric choice, texture and color are all really important. Both have a huge selection of soft, comfy performance fabrics that are perfect for a busy-family lifestyle.” — Brent Simon and Terri Simon of Colorado Style Home Furnishings

“It is hard to choose just one or two favorites, but if I must, my first choice would go to AMERICAN LEATHER COMFORT AIR CHAIR. We have actually renamed this the “Oh, my gosh!” chair, as that is the exclamation we hear the most. It’s the most comfortable chair you will ever sit in. Another favorite from American Leather is the Style in Motion. Both sit and function like nothing else in the market, and the leathers are exquisite.” — Robert Zimmerman of Element

“Ikea’s PAX CUSTOMIZABLE WARDROBE SYSTEM. The options are endless, with varieties in size and style that are guaranteed to fit in any room of your living situation.” — Megan Davis of Ikea

“The place to splurge is your bed, specifically a THERAPEDIC PURETOUCH or THERAPEDIC COAL CREEK MATTRESS and a Leggett & Platt Style II adjustable foundation. You can adjust position to read or watch a movie, and then you’ll get great sleep which will prepare you to face another day.” — Tim O’Connell of Woodley’s Fine Furniture

“The UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE in the main living area. It needs to be sustainable, because it will be used every day. Purchase pieces that are eight-way hand-tied with solid frames upholstered in performance fabrics or leather. I love the MT COLLECTION and DWS COLLECTION from Design Wright Studio.” — Regan Mattingly of Chalet

“A family-room SECTIONAL or SOFA. People tend to spend the most time there, and they want to feel the most relaxed and comfortable watching TV, so it’s worth spending a little more on things like upgraded cushion fills and fabrics so the furniture lasts longer. Our best line for this would have to be Lee Industries.” — Tim Burchfield of Columbine Showroom

“Your SOFA. It’s a high-traffic piece of furniture, used by all members of the family, including kids, pets and guests. Look for supreme comfort, timeless design, performance or luxurious fabrics, and quality construction. Don’t be tempted to pinch pennies. Well-made sofas will last a lifetime and can be reupholstered time and again as your style changes. DWS COLLECTION and HC28 are some of my favorites.” — Mary Wright of Design Wright Studios

“For me, it’s the black-marble, BRASS-INLAY TABLE I have in my entryway. I found it in India, and it’s so unusual—it makes a statement. Plus, it’s indestructible.” — Anuschka Pashel of Bloom by Anuschka

“My pink VITRA READING CHAIR. It feels great when I’m in it and looks great when I’m out of it. I pair it with an ottoman, and it’s the most relaxing spot in my house.” — Kate Meyers of Colorado Homes & Lifestyles

“A MONTAUK SOFA. It is an amazing line out of Montreal that I’ve been in love with since my days as an interior designer in Chicago, which is why I sought them out to have in our Denver showroom. It is truly the most comfortable sofa I’ve ever sat in. As their philosophy goes, ‘pivotal moments happen on your sofa,’ so my investment would be on that pivotal place to make my memories.” — Stephanie Holmes of Organic Looms and Ai Studio

“Case goods are worth the investment. They add composition and structure to a space. A good quality CONSOLE or CREDENZA will last for generations. If it’s an antique, it adds richness and a story to the room. We like 1stdibs when sourcing antique case goods and Gregorius | Pineo or Rose Tarlow for new.” — Emily Lindemann and Melissa Mabe of Ruggles Mabe Studio

“Every room needs one ‘wow factor’— a conversation starter. We often use an ANTIQUE or VINTAGE PIECE that has a lot of character, like a really rustic piece to soften a space from feeling too new or sterile or an ornate piece to elevate a space that has a lot of clean lines. We always find amazing pieces at Eron Johnson Antiques here in Denver. If an antique isn’t the right fit, we opt for a custom piece with really amazing fabric—incredible dining room chairs proportioned exactly to a client’s size in velvet or mohair in an unexpected color; a very oversized custom headboard covered in a gorgeous fabric; or a modern, chic chaise lounge with incredible lines. We design a custom piece for almost every project, and Rooster Socks in Denver is amazing at building our pieces for us.” — Kristen Thomas of Studio Thomas

“The BEAM SOFA BY PATRICIA URQUIOLA FOR CASSINA. It is equally ‘form and function.’ The sculptural quality and comfort make it a great piece for any living room.” — Robyn Scott of Robyn Scott Interiors

“An ACCENT CHAIR. I have 22 different accent chairs in my home, and they’re not just chairs but also pieces of art. Some of my favorites: the Ladder Slant Arm Chairs from Phillips Collection; the entire collection was designed with unified, linear lines and celebrates simplicity, authenticity, negative space and style. Also: anything by Kelly Wearstler; her signature style instantly recognizable, and her design approach is a multilayering, stimulating experience.” — Angela Harris of Trio

“When a client is seeking a timeless piece and is willing to make an investment, our choice is Norwalk Furniture’s CHESTER SOFA in a soft and supple leather. This piece, a more contemporary version of the iconic Chesterfield, lends an air of sophistication to any aesthetic.” — Christy Brant of Lulu’s Furniture & Decor

“The one piece of furniture definitely worth a splurge would be a great SOFA. Gone are the days of your grandmother’s recliner. Abbyson is creating a line of motion sofas, complete with iPad technology, along with speakers in the feet. For a classic, everyday sofa try out Moss Studio’s made-to-order sofas, customized perfectly to your needs.” — Kimberly Timmons-Beutner of Kimberly Timmons Interiors

“As our lives become less formal, the kitchen table has become the central hub of the home. It’s a place for gathering, conversation and connection, whatever the style of your space. A modern oak table, like the BEAM TABLE from Mobel Copenhagen, or a vintage PLATNER DINING TABLE will become a family heirloom.” — Laura Boyd Chapman of Proud House Studio & Co.

UPHOLSTERED ARMCHAIRS. Instead of spending your whole budget on the sofa or sectional, which might not work in a future home or room due to its size, a high-quality, fits-you-like-a-glove armchair can be re-purposed and re-used for many years to come. My favorite brand is the new direct-to-designer line Saltwolf that we’re launching this spring. The designs are timeless, high quality and 100 percent made in the U.S. Or don’t be afraid of having something custom-made by a local shop like Denver Upholstery. It’s easier than you think!” — Lindy Williams of Westward Foundry 

”My first thought would be a COCKTAIL TABLE, but it depends on the space. If you have a really awesome SOFA, you might want to underplay the cocktail table a bit. Each piece should enhance the other pieces. You should have at least one piece in a room with some provenance and history, and the other items in the room can spin off of that.” — Greg Comstock of Comstock Design

ANTIQUES. They can add so much warmth, character and originality to a space. The craftsmanship is far superior in most cases (hence its longevity), and the pieces typically have lots of texture and details that add a ton of visual interest to a space. I love websites like 1stdibs, Chairish and Etsy. I even love Rejuvenation’s antique section. I personally splurged on a vintage settee for my entry from Ralph Lauren and a 19th-century carved English walnut trestle table for my desk in my home office.” — Jonna Mulqueen of Uncommon Nest Interiors

“A BED & MATTRESS. It’s all about wellness, which starts with a good night’s sleep! Whether it’s a statement piece or more minimal, your bed should be your own version of what makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.” — Tina Stoecklein of Nest Architectural Design

“A sofa is the piece in a living room or family room where everything happens. It’s where you hang out, have a conversation, a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, unwind. I want it to be comfortable and beautiful, sculptural, sophisticated, refined, and so it must be seriously well built! Here are two of my favorites: Joseph Jeup’s SAVON SOFA. His craftsmanship cannot be copied, and yet it is comfy and inviting in a humble way. Second is Jiun Ho’s COLINA SOFA. It is sculptural and sexy, creating a gorgeous backdrop for anyone to sit or lie upon.” — Kristi Dinner of company kd

“A coffee table. It creates drama and brings uniqueness to a living space. These three specific tables come to my mind: Ryan Jackson SUBTRACTION TABLE made of blackened steel and stainless steel, the Wendell Castle SIZZLE 3-POD TABLE made of wood and lacquer, and the TROSCAN WEEKEND OTTOMAN made of leather and wood.” — Susan Schwab of company kd

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