Simple Ways You Can Check Your Windows and Doors

Your home needs regular checkups to keep it running smoothly—an annual home check is a quick and easy way to check for any potential maintenance issues.

Since windows and doors provide possible entry points for unwanted air leaks and moisture, be sure to perform a thorough check to ensure everything is in working order. Here are some simple tips for checking your windows and doors:

Inspect the interior and exterior finishes around your windows and doors. Is the paint or stain in good condition? Signs of flaking and peeling may mean that it’s time to repaint or refinish.

Look closely at the walls, floors and ceilings throughout your home for signs of discoloration, cracking, deterioration of wood or other damage that might be caused by moisture or water leaks.

Check window and patio door tracks for dirt and other debris such as sand, leaves, insects and pine needles. A build up of debris can hamper the airtight seal of your windows and doors—just use a soft brush to clear the area.

Feel for uneven sliding and sticking when you open and close a window. If the window doesn’t open smoothly, try applying a non oil-based lubricant or paraffin wax to the tracks.

Look at the weather stripping around all doors and windows, and replace portions that are ripped, torn or loose.

Check the locks to make sure they don’t feel too loose and are working smoothly.

Inspect any weep or breather holes your windows have. If they’re blocked, use a wire or toothpick to clear away debris.

Check all exterior sealant and caulking on and around your windows and doors—paying particular attention to areas susceptible to punishment from rain and extreme sunlight. Remove any damaged material and reapply sealant.

Feel for signs of air leaks around your windows and doors. Air leakage not only decrease your home’s energy efficiency, but it can also be an indication that unwanted moisture may soon find a way into your walls.

Tim Glidden is a general manager at Pella Windows and Doors, an Iowa-based window and door manufacturing company with locations around the country. View their profile or contact Tim at 303-350-5617.

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