Shark’s Ink: The California Crew

A new exhibition highlights the prints of 14 diverse California-based artists in collaboration with a Colorado master printer
Hung Liu Crossing The River Leaping Courtesy Of Sharks Ink

Hung Liu, Crossing the River: Leaping (detail), 2003, color lithograph, 30 x 44.5”. Courtesy of Shark’s Ink. — Hung Liu.

Master printer Bud Shark has been creating highly crafted fine art prints in collaboration with respected artists since 1976, right here in Colorado.

Shark’s Ink: The California Crew highlights the prints of 14 accomplished and diverse California-based artists from the past four decades. The exhibition is part of BMoCA’s partnership with Frasier Meadows, and will be on exhibition there from October 26 – January 10, 2021.*

Susan Hall Solitary Oak Courtesy Of Sharks Ink

Susan Hall, Solitary Oak (detail), 2012, color lithograph, 22.75” x 28.75”. Courtesy of Shark’s Ink. — Susan Hall.

The artists and the artworks in this exhibition represent the panoply of aesthetics, cultural backgrounds, viewpoints, and talent held within the bounty of art “made in California.” This remarkable grouping of artists, Brad Brown, Enrique Chagoya, Roy De Forest, Amy Ellingson, Susan Hall, Don Ed Hardy, Mildred Howard, Robert Hudson, Hung Liu, Kara Maria, Rex Ray, Alison Saar, Italo Scanga, and William T. Wiley, has manifested a wonderful variety of artwork aided by Shark’s skill and vision.

Enrique Chagoya The Thingly Thingness Of Things Courtesy Of Sharks Ink

Enrique Chagoya, The Thingly Thingness of Things (detail), 2013, color lithograph, 27” x 34.5”. Courtesy of Shark’s Ink. — Enrique Chagoya.

Shark has collaborated with more than 160 distinguished artists from across the U.S. and Europe, producing prints in a wide range of processes that includes lithography, monotype, wood-block, chine-collé, collage, and three-dimensional constructions. Shark’s Ink prints are in the collections of many museums, including The Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Museum of American Art, and The Art Institute of Chicago.

Minolta Dsc

Kara Maria, No Heroes (detal), 2004, color lithograph, 26.75” x 34.75”. Courtesy of Shark’s Ink. — Kara Maria.

In 2019 the University of Colorado Art Museum purchased The Sharkive, the collection of over 700 limited edition prints and materials related to Shark’s innovative processes. Shark continues to practice his art in his studio in Lyons.

*This show is part of BMoCA’s partnership with Frasier Meadows, and will be on exhibition there. Currently, due to COVID and current restrictions, the general public (outside of the Frasier community) is not able to see this show, though the hope is that restrictions will ease and enable fuller access in the future.
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