Rooftop Dining in Boulder

Nibble at Corrida, a Basque-inspired steakhouse

After long hearing a buzz about Corrida, a Basque-inspired steakhouse in Boulder, I finally ventured to the rooftop at 10th and Walnut (yes, that means unobstructed views of the awesome Flatirons) for a sampling from executive chef Amos Watts (of Old Major, Jax Fish House and Acorn) and beverage connoisseur Bryan Dayton (of Oak at Fourteenth, Brider and Acorn). Instead of Corrida’s storied selection of aged meats, we focused on tapas and pintxos. Our favorites were the pan con tomate, tostada de gambas (shrimp toast), albondigas (meatballs), white anchovies, and the delicately charred Spanish octopus with paprika aioli and salsa verde.

I also took full advantage of the gin-and-tonic cart, from which a friendly mixologist prepared my Sweet Citrus G&T tableside. Brunch is now offered, so everyone can enjoy views of the Flatirons in daylight. 1023 Walnut Street, Boulder.

Categories: High Points