Photographs Find the Magic in the Natural World

LNS Photography documents the beauty in the wild areas that surround us
Eagles Nest Wilderness Overlook From Rabbit Ears Pass

Eagles Nest wilderness overlook from Rabbit Ears pass. | Photo by LNS Photography

The wonder of Laura Sheets’ photography is her ability to capture nature in its most elemental state. Her photos allow viewers to appreciate the size and grandeur of the moose, the majestic beauty of deer and elk, and the intricate colors and behaviors of birds. The seasonal transitions of her landscapes preserve a moment in the passing of time. It is her attention to the smallest details that captivate.

Friendly Fox In Rand

Friendly fox in Rand. | Photo by LNS Photography

Sheets has been interested in nature and cameras for as long as she can remember. At age 8, she was given a basic camera to take pictures at the local 4H fair, including the prize-winning entries she represented. She grew up raising ducks at her home in Berthoud, Colorado and spent time with a neighboring family on their working cattle ranch. The camera’s magic ignited her lifelong passion for combining nature and photography.


Photo by LNS Photography

Sheets honed her skills by learning to shoot a variety of subjects including exotic race cars, model portfolios, and head shots. She soon realized, however, that immersion in nature was her true calling. She began spending more time in the wilderness concentrating on documenting the life cycles of animals and the landscape’s seasonal changes. “It really is about slowing down and taking the time to live in each moment,” she says. “When I can do that, one thing leads to another, and I find myself photographing the fleeting moments we so often entirely miss.” 

Osprey With Meal

Osprey with meal. | Photo by LNS Photography

One of Sheets’ hobbies is putting up battery operated trail video cameras equipped with motion detection and night vision. This takes more patience, persistence, and careful observation of a chosen area than one would expect. “I look for tracks, tufts of hair, and evidence of creatures nibbling on plants to select a promising spot,” she explains. Some of the cameras stay up a few weeks, while others in remote locations may stay for months. “In this way, I can document the day-to-day details of lives of several species not usually witnessed by humans.” 

Steamboat Ranch Horses

Steamboat ranch horses. | Photo by LNS Photography

Helping others see wildlife in its natural habitat, Sheets leads nature tours for photographers and nature buffs alike. She travels to places that require a drive, like Golden Gate Canyon State Park, Brainerd Lake, and the rugged forest service roads near Rand. For tours closer to home, she offers day trips to the Bluff Lake Nature Center, the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Sloan’s Lake, and Walden Ponds. 

An online portfolio can be found by visiting the LNS Photography website along with tour details. Fine art perfect for gifting or keeping as a special addition to a personal collection is also available.

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