Perk Up Your Patio This Spring

Elevate your outdoor living area with these tips from the pros
Kti Outdoor Seating Area

It’s officially patio season! Warmer days are here, and as we enter spring and look ahead to summer,  there are countless opportunities for outdoor hangouts. Who wouldn’t want a space to entertain, dine,  relax, and sunbathe right in their backyard? We’ve put together five ways to elevate your outdoor living area, refresh for spring, and create your own outdoor sanctuary. Here’s how… 

Expand and Define


Maximize your backyard’s potential by extending your patio with pavers. There are so many different patterns and materials of pavers so you can create a style uniquely your own. You can use the differentiation to define “zones” for your patio – like your seating area and dining area, separated by the change in canvas. 

Incorporate Al Fresco Dining

Incorporate Al Fresco Dining

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Defining a space for outdoor dining is a great way to make your patio feel like an extension of your home. Treat your outdoor dining table the same way you would inside the house  – complete with table runners, centerpieces, and tableware so you’re always ready to enjoy a meal outside. 

Add Height


To add a wow factor to your patio, go up! Adding taller elements will draw the eye up and make your whole space feel grander. From small spaces and budgets to larger-scale adds, here are a few things you could do to add height to your space: 

  • Frame the space with a pergola 
  • Add drapes for an easy, breezy, refreshing feel – A large, collapsible umbrella is perfect for shade or sun 
  • Go simple with a tall potted plant or tree in the corner

Use Playful Seating

Use Playful Seating

To liven up your seating area, add a fun piece of furniture like a swing chair, hammock, or swinging bench. This playful seating adds both visual interest and entertainment!

Amp up Accessories

Kti Outdoor Seating Area

Don’t forget about accessorizing your outdoor space! To make your patio feel homey, bring in some pops of color (think pastels for spring) and decorative items to round out the design. Here are a few examples of easy accessories to add to your space. (Our personal favorite is bistro string lights to set the mood for beautiful Colorado evenings.)

  • Serving trays  
  • Lanterns 
  • Tabletop plants or flower arrangements 
  • Throw pillows and blankets 
  • Bistro string lights 
  • Planter groupings with your favorite flowers (Our favorite place to buy are Birdsall, Creative Living and T-Trove.)

Highlight Fabulous Features

Highlight Fabulous Features

Photo: Chad Davies – Davies Imaging Group

Adding a show-stopping entertainment feature to your patio will take your outdoor space to the next level. Here are some of our favorite fresh features:  

  • Enjoy the chillier Colorado evenings warming up near a fire pit or fireplace—take the modern approach or a fully custom rustic Colorado-style fire feature. 
  • Add a fountain or water feature for a serene, spa-like sound and feel. Plus, feng shui philosophy says that facing your water feature to flow toward your house will bring wealth and prosperity.  
  • Entertain your friends with a built-in pizza oven that will feed a crowd. It’s a two-for-one: activity and dinner! 
  • Go big with a putting green – perfect to fill in those awkward, skinny spaces around your home and keep the golfer in your home busy. 

Whether you’re looking for little changes or big ads, you’re set to make your patio pop this spring! Enjoy your own outdoor oasis all season long.

Kimberly Timmons-Beutner is the principal interior designer of Kimberly Timmons Interiors (KTI), an interior design collective of motivated, talented designers with a collaborative, versatile approach to delivering top-quality design that is always uniqueView their profile or contact Kimberly at 303.904.8244.

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