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Using the garden as an outdoor room is an ancient tradition that is finally enjoying a renaissance. This season, anchor your garden rooms with furnishings, apply a few interior design principles and see your personal style take root.

Historically, man’s desire to harmonize with nature has inspired countless attempts at taming the great outdoors into a private plot of earthly paradise. Ancient Roman villa gardens were often used for outdoor dining, and European gardens of every type have mimicked architectural and design trends since the 1600s. In recent years, interest in “bringing the indoors out” has also grown. Themes familiar to interiors (color scheme, focal points, balance and context) have become tools for creating an outdoor environment that complements the architectural style of a home.

garden bench

Amato of Denver, (303) 433-1893, amatoofdenver.com.garden bench

Amato of Denver, (303) 433-1893, amatoofdenver.com.garden bench


Hadrian Seat, Haddonstone, Birdsall & Co., (303) 722-2535, birdsallgarden.com.garden bench


Stone Bench, Belcour, (303) 765-5151, belcour.net.stone bench from Belcour


Stone Bench, Belcour, (303) 765-5151, belcour.net

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