Opposites Attract

Black and white as a color combination can be seen both in nature and the material world, ranging from the skins of animals to the pattern on a mosaic table. Not only can the pairing of these opposites add interest to a room, but also their use allows certain objects to stand out from the rest. When used together, the differences between the two colors greatly accentuate each other, making white appear pristine and flawless, and black dark and powerful.

Black and white has recently experienced a surge in popularity, both in the fashion and design realms. Stores and showrooms carry a wide variety of black-and-white décor, which includes tableware, linens, furnishings, lighting and more. Use accessories in these colors to add tasteful accents to your home. CH&L has gathered some of the season’s best black-and-white products on the market. See the photos below for products to incorporate one of the hottest color combinations into your home.

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