October at Children's Hospital Colorado

Mental Health Awareness Week kicks off this important month for the hospital.

October is an important month for Children’s Hospital Colorado. Mental Health Awareness Week kicks it off, and World Mental Health Awareness Day falls on October 10th

Colorado ranks third in the nation for the number of kids who need mental health services, but cannot access care. Unlike other states, Colorado does not have an established, interconnected pediatric mental health system. Every provider, facility and organization works independently. Screenings and treatment vary from provider to provider. Primary care providers aren’t equipped to treat mental health, but are often the first place a family goes for help. All of these factors make it very confusing for families who attempt to navigate “the system” to get help. Some never receive treatment.

Children’s Colorado has a plan to change this. With donor support, Children’s Colorado will redesign the Pediatric Mental Health Institute to better serve more kids and teens. Together, we will equip primary care providers and adults with the knowledge and tools to recognize a mental health disorder early on.

Patients like Cora have benefited from the programs at Children’s Hospital Colorado. With support and dedication from the team of pediatric mental health experts, Cora finished her program and now has the resiliency and skills to continue to heal and thrive. To help Cora on her mental health journey, donate to her fundraising page

About Children’s Hospital Colorado
One of the top children’s hospitals in the country, Children’s Hospital Colorado sees more, treats more and heals more kids than any hospital in its seven-state region. Its mission is to improve the health of children through the provision of high-quality coordinated programs of patient care, education, research and advocacy.

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