Create an Outdoor Oasis to Enjoy All Year Long

Take outdoor living to the next level with your own year-round retreat. 
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Coloradans are known for their love of the great outdoors. Our state’s fresh air and abundant sunshine makes any time of year a perfect time to spend on the patio—and a surefire way to avoid cabin fever. A few thoughtful transitions can help you curate an outdoor space for entertaining and relaxing during the fall and winter months.

Colorado outdoor living spaces often include a comfortable deep seating arrangement. Add a firepit and some heat lamps, and you have a cozy space to enjoy even in the chilliest months. Don’t skimp on the décor. Planters filled with seasonal greens, twinkle lights for ambiance, and a basket of thick, soft blankets to wrap up for extra warmth all help create an inviting atmosphere.

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Whether you’re starting from scratch, or adding pieces to those you already own, there are a few key things to keep in mind when purchasing patio furniture that can withstand the Colorado elements. To begin, find a retailer that is knowledgeable about outdoor furniture and carries a variety of stock and styles to choose from. Christy Sports Category Manager, Brian Engstrom, offers several suggestions to guide his customers. “To begin, assess your patio exposure and preferences,” he says. “Look at the amount of sun, moisture, and wind your space will confront.”  

Once you have taken the time to consider these variables, Engstrom advises looking for products with 100 percent solution-dyed acrylic fabrics, high density polyethylene, and UV inhibitors. “By doing your homework in advance, you can find high quality furniture with protectants that will keep the finishes from oxidizing and cushions with fill that won’t absorb moisture.” 

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Maintaining your investment is a must. Keep your outdoor furniture clean. Clear furniture of snow and shovel the patio surface if your space is exposed. Outdoor furniture manufacturers provide consumer maintenance and cleaning guides for reference. When not in use, patio covers keep things clean and dry during the winter months. Ask your retailer about products that will extend the life of your furniture and protect your investment.

Engstrom says that most Christy Sports customers visit the store several times in advance. “Assessing their needs, browsing the selection, and taking measurements all happen before a final purchase is made,” he explains. “We want our customers to know exactly what they’re buying to ensure it meets the specifications of their outdoor area. Our customers are investing in high quality items that, with the proper care, will remain beautiful for 30 + years.”

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