New Innovations in Gas Fireplaces

Colorado homeowners love their fireplaces, with gas fireplaces by far the most popular style. Why? They’re simple to use, energy efficient and provide design options like never before. Read on to learn about the new innovations in gas fireplaces.


Sure, you can still install a mason-built, rectangular fireplace, but modern designs incorporate different sizes, styles and materials to create a custom look. From a small master bedroom design to a sweeping, 50” viewing space model built for a large room or a long, linear style, five feet long and a foot high, the options are abundant. Front styles can appear as a simple, clean face, or an ornate, detailed façade, all according to taste.

Instead of the traditional “glowing embers” log set, modern gas fireplaces incorporate colored glass, glass beads and synthetic rock. Some manufacturers offer a model with stainless steel tubes, or a black glass panel in back that reflects the flame.

Energy Savings

Today’s gas fireplaces provide energy savings like never before. Electronic ignition technology means there’s no pilot light, saving an estimated $10 month. On-demand thermostats allow the fireplace to kick on and heat a space at a scheduled time. A “heat where you live,” or zone heat design, warms the space you occupy, while allowing the rest of the home to cool down.


A double-pane safety screen barrier over the front of a gas fireplace keeps children, pets and adults from coming into contact with hot glass.


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